Toy Heavy Hoist 100cm R/C Tower Crane reduced from £29.99 to £9.99 @

Toy Heavy Hoist 100cm R/C Tower Crane reduced from £29.99 to £9.99 @

Found 26th Nov 2010
Lift and move objects in your play construction yard, with the Heavy Hoist 100cm R/C Tower Crane!

This fantastic remote control crane toy is 100cm tall when assembled. The crane can rotate 360 degrees in either direction, and has a hook which can be raised or lowered. The crane comes with a bucket attachment for the hook, for lifting all sorts of heavy loads.

Heavy Hoist 100cm R/C Tower Crane is an amazing remote control toy for young boys, and can be used to encourage imaginative play.

Age: 3 years +


It's been this price in our Entertainer since last Christmas!!

Good price for an 'extra' pressie - we have had 2 that were faulty so gave up in the end, but friend's is going strong (it's quite flimsey though)

Had this and ours broke but would buy it again so hot from me.

My son was looking at this in Wilkinsons last weekend - it's not the best quality, he was having a go at lifting one of his little Thomas Take Along trains and it even struggled with that.

Won't vote as it's probably a good price for anyone wanting to buy one, but not for me.

The one in Wilko is JCB @ £20 so 'may' not be the same, here's the link; JCB Crane @ Wilkinson

If you go through TheToyShop at Amazon then delivery is half at £1.99 instead of £3.99 on the offical site. Link -…NW8
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