Toy Sale @ Asda - massive saving in store only

Toy Sale @ Asda - massive saving in store only

Found 29th Dec 2009
I have just been in my local ASDA and they have reduced toys starting from 10p each

We have got a Dora game pack £1
Barbe doll rrp £10 for £1
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver £1
High school music dance mat £5

There is much much more in store its great


which asda?

Original Poster

i was at the on at burnley but a friend in halifax said they were doing the same

nothing in mk this morning

nothing in dundee store as i was specifically looking for cheap toy items for pass the parcel:x

No cheap toys like that in ipswich store.

Nothing like this in Dumbarton either - just a whole section of pre-labelled 'SALE £1' boxes full of tat stationary and colouring things. I hate stock bought for 'SALE' purposes, rather than genuine reductions on previously full priced products!
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