Toy story 1-3 DVD box set, free delivery @amazon £22.99

Toy story 1-3 DVD box set, free delivery @amazon £22.99


Can I advise putting the price & Amazon in the title please

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Format might help too... DVD for those that are wondering

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done, thanks for keeping me right…%3F that and buying the new one for £8 at asda or tesco works out cheaper.
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i got these from amazon on monday i pre ordered them cheapest i found

Same at hmv, play and tesco all with quidco etc

Can't get too excited about this price anyway, if it was BluRay then maybe

Last time I checked, this boxeset was £20 in Fopp if you have one near you

I got this on blu ray from tesco for £21.39 with 15% code and staff discount :-)

Seems pricey...
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