Toy Story 1 and 2 Region 2 DVD £9.99 from Amazon
Toy Story 1 and 2 Region 2 DVD £9.99 from Amazon

Toy Story 1 and 2 Region 2 DVD £9.99 from Amazon

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was looking for this so that girlfriend can catch up on these films for Toy Story 3 release.

Play is £17.99

Expensive for old films but dont think youll find much cheaper????

Play.com is now £9.99
- *roosterpots*


Its the same price at HMV on-line or in-store.

£7.99 at Argos Clearance - someone else posted it on the HMV thread,

Checked on Media-Pricer


Play also do a double pack for £9.99 as wella s HMV and Amazon

your gf hasn't seen toy story?!

Think the Argos one has sold out now.

Its incredible that these aren't cheaper... Toy Story 1 should be like in the £1.99 DVD clearance pile, and Toy Story 2 around the £3 mark. I guess its because Toy Story 3 has just come out that retailers sense the opportunity to make more money from these old titles.

Could have saved more by watching Toy Story 2 on TV last saturday.

I'm sure these have been inflated at the moment as suggested by boonkoh.

If you just want to watch them to catch up I believe Blockbuster have a deal at the mo where you can rent family films very cheap (something like 5 for £2.00) so you can prob just rent them to watch

i for one am super chuffed!!! thanks op
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