Toy Story 1/2: Pixar Pop-up: 2 DVD £8.99 + Free Delivery/ Quidco @ HMV
Toy Story 1/2: Pixar Pop-up: 2 DVD £8.99 + Free Delivery/ Quidco @ HMV

Toy Story 1/2: Pixar Pop-up: 2 DVD £8.99 + Free Delivery/ Quidco @ HMV

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Two features. TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2 - a dazzling sequel to the 1995 blockbuster. Andy heads off to summer camp, leaving the toys behind to fend for themselves. In much the same way Buzz discovered he is a mass-produced product in the first instalment, Woody discovers that he is a valuable collectible spawned by a popular 1950s kiddie-puppet TV show, 'Woody's Roundup Gang' when he is kidnapped by an evil toy collector, Al McWhiggin. Through Al, who plans to sell him to a Japanese toy museum, Woody is reunited with the toy versions of his TV cohorts plucky cowgirl Jessie (Cusack), prospector Stinky Pete (Grammer), and trusty horse Bullseye. Woody must choose between seeing Andy grow up and forsake him and living a sterile but eternal life behind glass being admired but not played with. Meanwhile, the rest of the original toy troupe undergoes a thrilling crosstown adventure to locate their kidnapped friend and restore him his rightful owner. Extremely entertaining, surprisingly touching, endlessly thrilling eye candy for anyone of any age. Golden Globe Winner: Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.


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ohhh wow i want it

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Cheapest yet

2 films/4 discs limited edition

Much better value than those BOGOF so called offers

These Toy Story DVD's are being deleted soon, unless they allready have, so buy now, unless you want to wait a while.

Ordered, heat added!

Great find, ordered, thanks!

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want it must order lol

heat added great find x x x

Just so you know, the last time I ordered the double set of Toy Story off HMV for that price (deal was posted here). HMV didn't honour it, got an email several weeks later saying they cancelled my order and they discontinued the DVD.
That was the non-pop-up version though.

Hopefully they won't do the same again when I order this one.

cant wait for toy story 3d!!!

Delivered today! looks awesome too!
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