Toy Story 3 Buzz Blaster £3.24 Instore only Tesco

Toy Story 3 Buzz Blaster £3.24 Instore only Tesco

Found 22nd Oct 2010Made hot 25th Oct 2010
Just picked 2 of these up from Tesco CRADLEY HEATH store,

Featuring real movie sounds, multiple levels, sound control, a vibrant coloured LCD screen, music and sound effects, this handheld Toy Story Buzz Blaster game will have you flying around Zurg, avoiding his powerful Ion cannon and shooting through the holes in his force field to defeat this menace once and for all. Pressing the trigger at any time will activate Buzz's laser or Zurg's Ion cannon sounds, and tilting the blaster recharges Buzz's laser when it runs out of power. Batteries included. Age range 4 years+


could also be used as a fake speed camera to scare people?

will have to go check if this is in my local thanks

a real bargain if u can find one..........

What a great price, the cheapest I've seen it elsewhere is £9.99.

thanks op picked up a couple at peterborough still had about 10 to 15 left

Did they have many at Cradley Heath?

none at broadstairs tesco extra

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wozwebs they had loads

Does anyone know if any still available in Peterborough or close by?

Thanks, just one left at my local store.

Has anyone managed to pick up a spare one they're looking to sell?

lol - We just got back from Euro Disney and paid £20 for that...DOH!!!


Saw this earlier, stacks of them in our local store.

Please can you give me the number below the barcode so i can get customer service to check stock availablitiy @ my local. Many thanks


01561 31225

hot if you can get it

can i do drive-bys with this?


01561 31225

Thanks for that no stock at my local. Heat added though.:)

great - will have to look out for these for my kid

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Thanks for the heat everyone

None in my local - could anyone pick me one up if there in ther local and i would pay for your time?

Picked one up in the 'Barrow in Furness' Tesco today and there was at least two more left on shelf.

Asked a CS girl to check price first as there was no SEL for it and she came back with £3.24!

Thanks OP.

There are loads in store at my local (Colney Hatch Lane, North London).

Has anyone managed to get this at cheshunt brooffield store? Or nearby? Thanks

Neil there was 2 left at brookfield i put them out in the early hours .

Oh I bet they are gone now! Damn it! Anyone else seen local to this?
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