Toy Story 3 The Video Game PS3 £23.99 at Gameplay & Powerplay Direct (Playstation Movie Compatable)
Toy Story 3 The Video Game PS3 £23.99 at Gameplay & Powerplay Direct (Playstation Movie Compatable)

Toy Story 3 The Video Game PS3 £23.99 at Gameplay & Powerplay Direct (Playstation Movie Compatable)

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Toy Story 3 The Video Game £23.99 at Gameplay & Powerplay Direct (Playstation Movie Compatable)

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The toys are back in town and at last they've got a video game to equal the brilliance of the movies. You can relieve the story from the new film if you want, but there's much more to this game than the usual film tie-in.

The best bit of this game is the exclusive Toy Box mode, where you can play as Woody, Buzz or Jessie in the role of Sheriff in a toyland town. This mode uses all the same characters from the films but gives you complete freedom to play with all of them however you want - from exciting car (or horse and dragon) races to catching ghosts.

One special element of the Toy Box is magic goo that can change the size of any of the characters, which together with all the other collectable objects lets you completely customise the town, and the world of Toy Story, however you want.

* PlayStation Move Compatible
* Infinity and Beyond: More than just a film tie-in, explore the entire universe of Toy Story with all the familiar characters, locations and freeform sandbox style exploration.
* Game of the Film: Recreate the events of Toy Story 3 in story mode, complete with all the new characters and adventures.
* Virtual Sandbox: Jump into the exclusive Toy Box mode and explore a giant virtual toy world filled with interactive environments and fully customisable buildings.
* Accessories Included: Take part in exciting mini-games like car racing and unlock a range of special items, from a ghost-catching lightning rod to Buzz's ray gun.
* Toys for Two: Two-player split screen mode lets you play with friends and family in the same game, either co-operating or just doing your own thing.


Be Warned the Click and Reserve , is a bit of a Myth in Toy R US stores, you go the website, you click and collect service, they still will contact you via the phone to say whether its in stock of not....is this normal, for companies now, they seem to have the seem service as argos....

£21.95 at MyMemory.

whats playstation movie??? never heard of that
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