Toy Story 3 Wii £20.40 @ Tesco (£24 without code)

Toy Story 3 Wii £20.40 @ Tesco (£24 without code)

Found 17th Sep 2010
Toy Story 3 Wii £20.40 @ Tesco (£24 without code)

The rich world of Pixar’s Toy Story is opened up in this inventive title based on the animated film of the same name.

Although Pixar has gone on to creative a number of cinematic classics, Toy Story will always be remembered as the film that reinvigorated the world of animation. With Toy Story 3 picking up the tale of Woody and Buzz once again, this video game adaptation lets players experience the world of Toy Story from their miniature perspective.

Although players can work through sections of the Toy Story 3 storyline, seeing a grown up Andy make his way to college and leave his beloved toys behind, the real draw of this video game adaptation is the Toy Box mode. Here, players are dropped into an open-world where they can create their own toy adventures using a vast collection of Toy Story characters and environments, recreating the feel of a child at play in their bedroom.

Toy Story 3 offers players more than just a retelling of the animated film, its robust and refined Toy Box mode encouraging players to create their own Toy Story tales.

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