Toy Story Alien Freefall £7.46 @ Amazon

Toy Story Alien Freefall £7.46 @ Amazon

Found 28th Oct 2010
was £14.99
Technical Details

* Imported Item - the box displays some Japanese writing. Writing on front of box has been stickered over in English. See third picture. The writing on the rear and sides of the box is fully in Japanese.
* The game play not affected as English Instructions are included
* This is worth considering though if for a gift
* Ker-Plunk!! One of the favourite games of all time - is now more fun than ever! Just set it up, start playing and watch out for Aliens that go KerPLUNK!!
* Get ready to blast into action with the Pizza Planet Rocket Ship, which houses the kooky green Aliens. Each player takes turns pulling out sticks, and the winner is the one with the fewest Aliens that go KerPLUNK! This Toy does not Speak or Talk. No Batteries Required

* Pull the sticks but don't let the aliens go into freefall
* Features the aliens from the Toy Story movies
* Fun for all the family
* 2 - 4 players
* Ages 4 years +


great find


At £13.99 now
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