Toy Story Buzz, Woody or Jessey @ £20 Disney Store

Toy Story Buzz, Woody or Jessey @ £20 Disney Store

Found 10th Aug 2010
This is the Disney store edition but the Buzz still came with sound effects, wings and laser thing. They are the Disney store edition but seem to have most thing and are great well so my little brother thinks.

Also Slinky £15

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This is RRP isn't it?


This is RRP isn't it?

yes, i got my son the buzz a couple of months ago

It is the RRP but they are £30 everywhere else. The designs are slightly different but my 1 yr old can't tell the difference with the Jessie I bought yesterday

Are these the Disney Store editions?

does anybody know what the difference is between a disney store and regular edition please.

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difference is head doesnt move (£50) and doesnt have a fan at the back (£35?) good enough for my little brother others are cooler but he doesnt know they exist so is ex static with his buzz.

Yes is RRP but i still think a good deal in comparison to the other ones and i was amazed disney store sell them cheaper then other places they normally milk the cow..

Got my daughter jessie from Disney Store - identical to £35 Jessie in supermarkets, with exception of molded hair as opposed to wool hair in supermarkets.

Knee and elbow joints are more like the movie with the Disney Store ones as well.

thanks jamhops & stevesimc, I think i will get a buzz one for my 2 year old son.

I got my little girl the Woody one from here, she loves it, but, he doesn't have Andy name on his foot??? Do the other Woody dolls have this?
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