Toy Story Giant Card Game (Ravensburger) £2.38 at Amazon

Toy Story Giant Card Game (Ravensburger) £2.38 at Amazon

Found 11th Mar 2011
Ravensburger Toy Story Giant Card game

Extra large cards
Cards measure 12 x 8cm - 32 cards

* Choose from 4 fun games to play with these cards:

* Woody's Round Up: Round-up sets of four cards before your opponents do, but beware you could be ccollecting the same set.

* Slinky's Snap: Each player turns a card over, as the tension mounts, be the first to spot a matching pair and shout SLINKY!

* Buzz-Off Buzz: A fast game of collecting matching pairs, but don't end up with Buzz - or you'll loose.

* Rex's Pairs: How good is your memory? Turn up two cards at the same time, but remember where they are to be the first to match the most pairs.

* Four fun games to play for ages 3 and up

* Games based on favourites such as Matching Pairs Snap Old Maid and Happy Families

* Large cards that are easy for little hands to hold

* 32 cards

* 4 of each of the 8 designs
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