Toy Story Lots-O-Huggin Bear £19.99 @ Amazon

Toy Story Lots-O-Huggin Bear £19.99 @ Amazon

Found 6th Nov 2013
Cheapest I can see this for.

- Lots O Huggin Bear has a soft plush body with velcro hands easy for hugging
- Press his left hand to hear "Toy" phrases
- Press his right hand to hear "Come Alive" phrases
- Lots O Huggin Bear responds accordingly to the tone and volume of your voice
- Lotso has posable arms and legs with 'tickle' sensors in his feet
- Strawberry scented.
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Adding this to my Christmas list Thanks OP xx
My daughter got one from Santa a couple of years ago and she loves him. He now doesn't talk properly so going to order one of these as a replacement.

I don't get the Velcro hands and posable feet though!
The one I bought from the disney store doesn't have that.
Super hot deal! Cheapest I've seen this and at this price he is well worth it.
ordered great thanks been watching this for a while
ahh. bought from arhos 3 days ago. :-(
Thanks. Ordered
Got this a couple of years ago. Order now while you can....whoever you give it to will be delighted.
Is it wrong that I want one for myself?
I ordered this a few months ago from amazon for £26.66 and thought that was good for this so this deal is brilliant! Nice one x
Hotttt. Cheap!
Is this one strawberry scented?

Is this one strawberry scented?

Yes it is, see description (_;)

Soft, huggable and Strawberry scented! He loves when you give him a hug and he reacts! Lotso responds to your voice and even knows if you're talking loudly or softly. Press left paw for "Live Lotso" phrases and he responds to your voice in talk back mode. Press his right paw for "Toy Lotso" phrases. Tickle his left or right foot to make Lotso laugh. Includes a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity. Original Voice Suitable for ages 4+
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says in the description he is
Or get this one from disney store:…60/

Very soft and smells lovely - this is non speaking one which I prefer.

Above deal very hot!
Thanks. My 3 year old daughter and I love toy story 3 and I've been looking out for a lotso. This is a great price. I just hope he doesn't bully all her other toys!! Heat added
But he is a baddy! Why would you want to hug him!
Love Thanks for posting, i've ordered one for my little girl.
Hot! Thank you just ordered one for my little brother (he's 23)
Smokin hot. Tracked this all year and bought at £28 in Sept which was good. This is a great price. Sadly my return window has expired.
I'm ordering the used one for £111 instead.
We brought for £40 !!! Much loved toy would highly recommend.. Heat added!
Oh no missed this
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