Toys - 3 for 2 @ Ocado
Toys - 3 for 2 @ Ocado

Toys - 3 for 2 @ Ocado

TOY SALE - 3 for 2

Buy any 3 the cheapest item will be free. Order by 01/11/2016,

Ocado offering a 3 for 2 on lots of Toys. Playmobil, Vtech, Knex and Lego are some brands that are included.

Usually a voucher around for new customers, not much for us regulars though


good find op, heat added

First time customers get £20 off an £80 spend with free delivery for 12 months.

Good range of toys.

Heat added

Used in conjunction with the £20 new customer voucher - VOU451513.

£100 worth of Lego for £60.

Top find.


Good range of toys.

Disagree strongly I'm afraid.

Not good range and prices not attractive, but I still gave heat for the OP for posting the deal

Hmmm thanks for sharing OP. Looking at Lego cannot see anything attractive. It's the same offer as Tesco, however Tesco have most sets at the Amazon/ASDA/Smyths/Toys'r'us-equivalent prices of around 20-30% below list price, with the 3 for 2 on top, whereas at Ocado all sets are at the list price.

E.g. £18 sets at Ocado x 3 minus cheapest = £36 = £12 per £18 set

£18 sets at Tesco reduced to £11-12 x 3 minus cheapest = £23 = £7.70 per £18 set

Even with the new customer vouchers I still think Tesco will be cheaper unless there is a very specific set that's not below List at Tesco or out-of-stock/retired.
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