Toys and Games Clearance at Amazon - More bargains!!
Toys and Games Clearance at Amazon - More bargains!!

Toys and Games Clearance at Amazon - More bargains!!

Check out the Toys and Games Clearance bargains at Amazon where prices start at just £0.50. Get free Super saver delivery on orders over £15! See the next forum post for individual items .. hurry though these prices wont last long!

Includes: B-Daman Tournament Set - £2.99
Incredibles - LeapPad Interactive Book £2.99
Scooby and the Zombies - LeapPad Interactive Book - £2.99
Carol Vorderman's Touch Screen Sudoku - £1.99
Rugrats All Grown Up - LeapPad Interactive Book - £1.99
Sudoku Challenger - £0.50 .. and lots more!


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Thanks Cat Some good little gifts there ;-)

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Thanks ray, great prices for the barbies!! :thumbsup:

][COLOR=#003399]The Annoying Thing Game (Crazy Frog)[/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=#990000] £1.99
[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=2]http://g-images.amazon.com/images/G/02/x-locale/common/customer-reviews/stars-4-5.gif[/SIZE]In stock

][COLOR=#003399]Annoying Thing Jigsaw (100 piece)[/COLOR][SIZE=2][COLOR=#990000] £3.99
[/COLOR][/SIZE]In stock Manufacturer's minimum age: 5 Years 0 Months
][COLOR=#003399]Annoying Thing Jigsaw (60 piece)[/COLOR] [SIZE=2][COLOR=#990000]£3.50[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 weeks Manufacturer's minimum age: 4 Years 0 Months

Thanks Cat & Ray

Carol Vorderman's Sudoku - The Board Game Only 99p!!I've tried to put in links including a picture, but not sure I've managed it correctly. My dad's addicted to Sudoku so this will make a fab Christmas present - and what a bargain!



[SIZE=3]Bubble - Bundle with Teletubbies Interactive DVD Software
[/SIZE]by ][COLOR=#003399]BanDai[/COLOR]


Our Price: [COLOR=#990000]£14.99[/COLOR]

This is a bargain, Amazon sell just the console for £59.99 and the cheapest price elsewhere is £30.

Great post! Very cheap way to fill up stockings

rockpeblar - That's probably worth a post on its own even (if it's not up already)


Absolutely spot-on! I got a job-lot of cheapo sudoku games + bdaman challenge sets as cheap stocking fillers and ebay sales. The ebay sales will pay for the things I keep for stockings.

Thank you, sir!

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Noce one sausageandpickle .. good price for that board game :thumbsup:

Good spot rockpeblar, but it was posted a few days back ... thanks Paul and the thekanester - reaching the £15 for free super saver delivery is easy with this little lot! :-D

thanks for this cat
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