Toys R Us Balance bike Half Price only £24.99

Toys R Us Balance bike Half Price only £24.99



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thanks 4 the pic, didnt know how 2 do it :oops:
Not a bad effort but I would recommend a Like-A-Bike, much better quality and worth every penny IMHO.
Check the tyres are nice and rubbery with good grip. I bought a not dissimilar one from Argos for use indoors by our three year old on our wood and tile floors. The tyres are way too hard and slippery and so the bike just goes away from him too easily. This one says EVA foam tyres and I'd hope it was better but it would make sense to check if you plan to use it indoors.
A few years ago my son had a terrible accident with one of these, because it had no breakes. When the kids go fast enough, they can't break with their feet anymore, it's really dangerous. Balace bikes are great AND come with handbreakes now. Cold from me.
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