Toys R Us Collection of Offers Free Delivery or Click and Collect  from £0.26

Toys R Us Collection of Offers Free Delivery or Click and Collect from £0.26

Found 16th Dec 2013
Collection of offers from Toys R Us
Can someone. Kindly add a pic
Last delivery uk mainland:
standard delivery 12 noon Thur 19th December
Next Day Delivery 4pm Friday 20th December

Free delivery is currently available on all items for a limited time

Will state wether available as click and collect (cc) or free delivery (fd) or both

Buy 2 Get 3rd Free on:
Disney Infinity Power Discs
Play Doh
Lalaloopy Toys
Universe of Imagination Toys
Clementoni Science Kits
True Heroes and Legends
You and Me
Hasbro Games

Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Duracell Ultra Battery Packs
Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price on Puzzle Ball
Half Price Leapfrog Software
Free Lego £20 Gift Coupon when you spend £75 on lego toys
Free Skylanders figure when you buy swap force starter pack
Free Nano V2 when you spend £30 on Hexbug
Free Expansion Pack when you spend £20 on Chuggington

Half Price Offers:
Big Rig Bot Shot Launcher: Starscream/ Ironhide £4.99 cc and fd
Transformers Prime Blaster £9.99 cc fd
Transformers Primeblaster Mask: Bumblebee/
Optimus £4.99 fd

Quicktek Combat Bustertank Figure and Vehicle £7.49 fd
Gunship Hoverjet Figure and Vehicle £7.49 fd
Batman Dark Knight Rise Figure- Batman £3.49 fd
Batman Dark Knight Rise- The Bat £14.99 cc fd
Imaginext Matman Gotham City £29.99 cc fd

Amazing Spiderman
Slash Attack Lizard Web Figure £5.99 fd
Smash Saw Web Battler Figure £5.99 fd
WebBlade Battle Figure £5.99 fd

Thomas at the Sodar Paintshop £19.99 cc fd
Thomas to the Rescue £9.99 cc fd
First Builders 200 piece box of bloks £24.99 cc fd

Bruin Lightup Keyboard with Stool Blue £24.99 cc
Mountain Rock Train Table £124.99 (3 for 2 universe) cc fd
Doll House with 50 Pieces £39.99 (3 for 2 universe) cc fd
Barbie Mini Tablet 14.99 cc fd
Dream Dazzlers Blond Styling Head £14.99 cc fd
Arigo Twist n Run Scooter Pink/Yellow
or Blue/Orange £29.99 cc fd
Little Tykes Side by Side Kitchen Blue £59.99 cc fd
Pictionary Man £14.99 cc fd
Sizzling Cool Meadow Cottage Pink £49.99 fd
Pink Karoke Screen Party £84.99 cc fd
24" Jumbo Dog Blue £14.99 fd
Barbie Puppy Play Park £14.99 cc fd
Barbie Sisters' Cruise Ship £39.99 cc fd
Bratzillaz Dolls-Jasnima/Jade/ Cleotta/Meygana £9.99 fd
The Hobbit 6" 4 pack figures £14.96 cc fd
WWE Flexforce High Flying Fury Playset £24.99 cc fd
Micro Scalextrix Mini Champios £44.99 cc fd
Peppa Pig 12 in 1 Puzzle Set £9.99 cc fd
Hexbug Nam Bridge Battle Set £14.99 cc fd (offer)
end of half price offers

Disney Pixar Cars 2 Chunky Crayons 10 pk 39p
Stika Lula Sticker Book £0.46 cc
Moshi Monsters Cartoon Striqz Small 46p cc Large 96p cc
Hello Kitty Folsky Eraser Set 96p cc
Disney Princess Customising Set 96p cc
Disney Princess Roller Stamper Pens 96p cc
Play Doh Single tub 99p (3 for 2) cc
Play Doh Perfect Twist Ice Cream Parlour £14.99 cc (342)
Crayola Supertips Sketch n Shade £14.99 cc fd (342)
Toy Story Stationary Gift set £1.99 cc fd
Moshi Monsters Double filled Pencilcase £2.96 cc
Tatty Teddy Me to You Novelty Stationary Set £2.99 fd (offer)
Hello Kitty Magazine Maker £4.96 cc
HarumikaTartan Super Set £4.96 cc fd
Harumika Shoes and Accent Set 96p cc
Harumika Interior Design Boutique £19.99 fd
Spiderman Travel Art Easel 9.99 cc fd
Monsterhigh Travel Lightbox £9.99 cc fd
Monster High Nail Bar £19.99 cc fd
Jake and the Neverland Pirates 52 Piece
art case£4.99cc fd

Volkswagon Beetle 12V Black/Pink £299 cc fd
6V Mini Cooper White/Purple/Green £139.99 £99.99 cc fd
JD Bug Pro Stunt Scooter pink/Orange £49.99 cc fd
Razor Seige Casterboard Scooter £49 cc fd
Amazing Spiderman 10" Bike £29.96 cc fd
Arigo 20" BMX Atra Bike £79.99

other offers
Magforce Excavator £4.96 cc fs
Magforce Dump Truck loader £4.96 cc fd
Magforce Control Tower £4.96 cc fd
Halo Mongoose with 2 figures £4.96 cc
The Hobbit Deluxe Sting Sword £4.96 cc
The Hobbit Battle Axe £6.99 fd
Hexbug Warrior £4.96 cc (multibuy spend £30 on hex)
Pavillion Funny Penguin Game £3.96 cc
Annoying Orange Talking Plush £5.99 fd
Angry Bird Splat and catch £4.96 cc
Angry Bird Lunchbox £5.99 fdAngrybird Space 3" foamball 96p cc
Moshling Blind Bag Series 3 26p cc
Redakai Championship pk 96p cc fd
Redakai X Drive Figures Metanoid £1.99 fd
Squikies Palace Surprise £2.96 cc
Bakugan GI Spinner Super Assault £1.96 fd
True Hero Western Bucket 2.96 cc (342)
Nintendogs Take Me Home Pup £2.96 cc
Animagic Ginny My Pretty Pony £2.96 cc
Animagic Sleepy Time Pets Luca £7.96 cc
Batman Dark Knight Rises Gold Quicktek Figure £2.96 cc fd
Smurfs Classic 2 figure pack £3.29 fd
Smurfs Classic Vehicle with figure £6.99 fd
The hobbit 3.75" 3 figure set £6.96 cc fd

pc angry birds classical £3.49 fd
PS3 Move Kung Fu Riders £2.99 cc
Ps3 Michael Jackson The experience £4.99 cc
Disney Infinity Power Disc Gatwfold Albums £7.49 fd

Lego £20 voucher on £75 spend reductions

China speedorz
Royal roost. 70108. £4.99. Cc fd
Swamp jump. 70111. £4.99. Cc. Fd
Tower target. 70110. £4.99. Cc. Fd
Croc chump. 70112. £4.99. Fd
Chi battles. 70113. £4.99. Fd
Ring of fire. £4.99. 70100. Cc. Fd
Croc swamp hideout. £59.99. Cc
Eagles castle. 70011. £9.99. Cc

Lego City
King's castle. 70404 £59.99. Fd
Coast guard plane. 60015. £29.99. Cc. Fd
Fire value pack. 66448. £22.97. Cc. Fd
Helicopter arrest. 60009. £39.99. Cc. Fd

Star Wars
Z95 headhunter. 75004. £39.99. Cc. Fd
ATRT. 75002. £13.34. Cc. Fd
Republic troopers v with troopers. 75001. £9.99. Cc. Fd
Pal patients arrest. 9526. £59.99. Cc. Fd
Battle of hoth. 75014. £34.99. Fd
Chi battles. 70113. £19.99. Fd

Shredder's. Bike. 79101. £19.99 Cc. Fd
Shell raisers chase. £47.99. Cc
Lair attack. 79103. £39.99. Cc
Stealth shell. £15.99. Cc

Spider cycle chase. 76004. £13.34. Cc
Arctic batman vs mr freeze. 76000. £13.34. Cc

Ninja go temple of light. £40.49. Cc

Lord of the rings battle helms deep. 9747. £79.99. Fd

The hobbit goblin king battle 79010. £69.99. Fd

Lone Ranger. Silver mine shoot out. £59.99. 79110. Fd
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