TP-Link 2000 Mbps 2-Port Gigabit Powerline Starter Kit (TL-PA9020KIT) £55.46 @ Amazon

TP-Link 2000 Mbps 2-Port Gigabit Powerline Starter Kit (TL-PA9020KIT) £55.46 @ Amazon

Found 11th Nov 2017
Been keeping an eye on these for a while, as wanting to upgrade my existing 500Mbps powerlines. These are usually £89.99, and according to camelcamelcamel, this is the cheapest they have ever been.

They haven't arrived yet, so can't confirm whether I will get the full speeds, but hopefully, they will do the trick.

Sadly, the passthrough versions are not reduced, but hey ho.

Hope this helps someone.
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Too bad it doesn't have 3 ports and a pass through port. I have the PA8030P kit and wanted to upgrade.
What speed are you getting with the 500mbs ones?
Getting about 75mbs for internet (Virgin 200mbs connection). But streaming from my Plex Media Server to TV sometimes buffers if HD. Arriving later on tonight, so will report back on how much difference the new adapters make.
Yeah, I would be interested to see the improvement you get. I have 500Mbs ones and only get about 4mbs from them at the mo but they are having to cross from one ring main to another (downstairs to upstairs).
So they have arrived and I ran some tests. I have Virgin 200Mbps connection.

Using my old TP Link Powerline 500s, I got:
Ping 11ms / Download 63.90Mbps / Upload 11.93Mbps

Using the new TP Link Powerline 2000s, I get:
Ping 12ms / Download 213.56 Mbps / Upload 12.16Mbps

All in all, happy with that.
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I've got these to link my room to the router and get very good speeds. Just take into account that speeds can vary based on the houses wiring too.

I would buy these again for sure if I had a need for wired connections elsewhere.
Got these a few months ago as an upgrade to my develo 1200 due to a 200Mbs VM upgrade.

My previous develo 1200 didn't get me the full 200mbs, but the TP-Links did.

At time I paid £89.00, so at this price it is well worth it.
Was just about to order, realised these weren't pass through as I'm looking to upgrade my AV1300

Hopefully something pops up during Black Friday
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