TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Router £49.95 John Lewis Sheffield

TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 Router £49.95 John Lewis Sheffield

LocalFound 28th Jan 2017
Just picked one of these up in the Sheffield John Lewis for £49.95. They are a good cable router and are currently reduced to £84.99 on Amazon.
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good price, likely store specific though as still £89.99 online
They had a good shelf full of anyone needs one who is in the area.
This should get hot. Great price for a very competent router
If you have one of those free routers you get from sky, do you just swap and replace with these and how much better are they.

Do they give better speeds , protection etc

This should get hot. Great price for a very competent router

They do if left powered-on all day.
sorry for my poor knowledge here, but would this work for ADSL?
When you say cable, do you mean Virgin Media? Would this be better than my VM Super Hub 2? My kitchen is far from my Super Hub 2 so I don't get wi-fi in the kitchen, do you think this would solve that problem?
The router is labelled as a 'cable' router simply because it does not contain a modem so cannot be used to replace your existing modem / router.

You can however disable the wireless functionality of your existing modem / router and then connect it to this router via an Ethernet cable. You can then use the wireless functionality of the Archer C7 to share the internet connection around the house.

ADSL specific routers (for Sky, BT etc) come with a modem built in so you can replace your original modem / router completely. That is not possible for cable (Virgin) connections as you have to use their original modems with this in tandem.
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can any of you guys who are local grab one for me? obviously am happy to pay postage and costs
I bought one at full price 18 months ago. It's fast and has good wireless range but it dropped the connection a few times a day - really frustrating. The replacement did exactly the same. I ditched it when I spotted an Asus AC87U for £80 in PC World, of all places.
Yes, put your sky router or virgin router in to modem only and use this. Flash it with dd-wrt for a super cheap vpn client router.
C7 and d7 49.95 in the leeds John lewis
d8 in JL Aberdeen for 39
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