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Posted 5 July 2022

TP-Link Deco P9 Whole Home Powerline Mesh Wi-Fi System £99.99 @ Amazon

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VTP-Link Deco P9 Whole Home Powerline Mesh Wi-Fi System, Up To 4000 Sq ft, Thick Wall, Works with Amazon Echo/Alexa, Wi-Fi Booster, Parental Controls, Pack of 2

Connectivity technology Wi-Fi

Brand TP-Link

Compatible devices Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet, Smart-TV, Smartphone

Control method App

Frequency band class Dual-Band

Data transfer rate 2200 Megabits Per Second

About this item

Dual-Band Wi-Fi + Powerline - AC1200 dual-band Wi-Fi + AV1000 powerline combines for speeds of up to 2200 Mbps (Signal Works through Walls)

Seamless Roaming - Deco units work together to form a unified network. Walk through your home and stay connected with the fastest possible speeds.

MU-MIMO Technology - Simultaneously transfers data to multiple devices for faster performance.

Quality of Service - Prioritize devices for faster performance when needed.

Setup Made Easier than Ever - The Deco app walks you through setup step by step, providing lag-free connections up to 100 devices.
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    I bought these from Amazon but eventually returned them. They claim to have powerline functionality but there is no way of telling from the app if that is the case, or to force the units to default to it.
    Have a pair of these. Much more stable than Tenda. The units connect to each other via powerline connection. Connection type can be confirmed in the app.
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    Hi all quick question my virgin media router has 4 ethernet port save use 3 currently , I have one going to my pc and 2 going to 2 nas drives. This mesh unit will only have 1 spare so what would be the best way to connect 2 other devices? Can I still use the ethernet ports on my virgin media router after I put it in modem mode? Any advice appreciated.
    You'd probably need a switch.
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    Not impressed by Deco devices I'm afraid. I've got six of them (3 x X20 and 3 x S4) but they still struggle to cover the whole house well. They don't generally work as a mesh system, all except one of mine try to connect back to the master one plugged into the router, rather than connecting to the nearest device. I don't know why that last one is different.

    There's no software to help you figure out the best location for them, you just have to suck it and see. And if they're unhappy they just disconnect and don't bother trying to reconnect again until you power cycle them.

    Not sure what 'powerline' relates to in the title. Perhaps these are different from the older Deco devices and somehow merge mesh systems and powerline technology. Or perhaps whoever wrote the title on Amazon didn't know what they were talking about.
    Really surprised with your issues. I've had my deco's (x3) for around 2 years and they just work. Never had to power cycle, the mesh side of things seamless. Steady and consistent speeds used in router mode connected to a £10 openreach modem. My house isn't huge so can't comment much on the signal strength.

    Must admit I'd love software that tells me the best location, that would be really helpful.
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    I have 3 and they work fantastically well i have an odd shaped house with thick walls and tbf they are the best Ive ever had. Their reach into the garden admittedly struggle but seriously cant complain about the coverage inside the house
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    I've just returned a set of 3 of these models. The mesh system is awful and causing huge lag spikes caused by the system swapping your connection supposedly between units. Speed upstairs even though running through the mains backhaul was 1 third of downstairs. I now run bt whole home mesh from my virgin Router and is much better. (edited)
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    I've got a bunch of these after reading all the comments on here last time. Absolutely brilliant, paired with a tp link modem from about 1992, haven't dropped a beat. Streaming, Sonos, all faultless, highly recommend.
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    How easy are these to install? I’m not techy at all. Reviews talk about things such as DNS and whatnot. Are they plug and play, or will I have problems if issues arise on installation?
    Very easy indeed. You will always find people talking about the more techy things for these, but if you are just looking for something that's easy to install, these will do the job. There are lots of videos on You Tube showing you how it can be done. I'm the same as you. I don't want to do lots of fancy things with them either, I just want them to work. And these do.
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    We have deco throughout the home. I can't fault the mesh system. Recently switched to FTTP and switched to router mode. in both Router and Bridge the stability and coverage and speeds have been awesome for us. Simple to install too.

    Wish I'd held out for these P9's, instead ours are all hard wired for backhaul. Would definitely consider TP-Link Deco for a future upgrade to WiFi 6 and Tri-band (when we can justify the additional cost)