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Posted 10 November 2022

Tp-Link Tapo H100 Smart Iot Hub with Chime, 3 in 1 Smart Iot Hub + Alarm + Ring Chime - £13.49 - Sold by Amazon @ Amazon

£13.49£29.9555% off
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Potential misprice, link goes to a different seller but if you scroll down direct from Amazon it's £13.49

Whole-Home Coverage - Keep sub-devices connected at all times through the robust wireless network, easy set up no wiring required
Low-Power Wireless Protocol - Make connected devices work energy-efficiently, promising longer standby time
Tapo Ecology - Connect with up to 64 smart devices (sensors, smart buttons, TRV) for an immersive smart home experience
Smart Alarm - Protect your home security by coordinating with Tapo smart sensors (motion sensor, window/door sensor, and more), PC flame-retardant materials help minimize burning hazards
Smart Doorbell - Pair it with Tapo Smart Button to build your smart doorbell system, plus 19 ringtones to choose from (Tapo Smart Button sold separately). With 2 years manufactory warranty
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    What is it? I’ve got a few Tapo smart devices connected to my phone app, should I get this?
    It acts as a hub for their smart sensors and buttons that are too small and cheap and low powered (not in a bad way) to connect to WiFi.

    So, within their app, you can say if a motion or door sensor is triggered, turn on one of their smart WiFi light bulbs or plugs.
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    It's not 13.49
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    I've got tapo plugs and smart bulbs all running via the app and Google Home but can't seem to see the point of this piece of kit.

    Why do you need a smart doorbell? What's so smart about a doorbell?

    It seems like a good price but what use is it?
    I have two sets of l930-5 rgbw lighting. I can fully control each via the app but button on each basically just allows my kids to turn them on/off change preset. They can't control brightness or effects like I can. Adding this hub plus smart dimmer remote button (s200d) next to their beds would give them more control without needing to resort to using a phone/tablet app.

    As to your scenario you could have smart button next to front door and last one out can hit the button and hub could request some/all your lights could turn on/off. Since the smart dimmer also turns I am hoping it might be possible to maybe select each light bulb and then turn them on/off? Hope that gives you some ideas.
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    Awesome! Thank you! Bought!

    What does it do?
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    It's a shame TP-Link launched the Tapo range when they had the perfectly good Kasa range of products which required separate non-compatible App.

    There only seems to be a door sensor and a motion sensor currently available to go alongside this hub with yet another protocol.

    I think I'll wait and see what 'Matter' brings with it and how many of my existing smart devices can be interconnected through that or whether we have to start from scratch. (edited)
    There's also two switches s210 and s220
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    The one at 29.95 is from Prime 4 you - whoever that is? A bit like the guy on eBay pretending to be an official Xiaomi seller by calling himself wiaomi, with all the mi logo's.
    The 13.95 one is sold by Amazon, delivery Nov 29th. (edited)
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    can somebody tell me if I can make wifi from my phone internet with this
    No it doesn't
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    Don't know what it is
    It's a smart hub for connecting tapo battery powered smart buttons and motion sensors to.
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    Could a ring doorbell connect to this?
    Not by the looks of it
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    Is there a non-video doorbell that would work with this?
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    I've hit buy and sent to a locker. Need to commute to work so will decide later what the use of this will be.
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    I’ve been looking at a Zigbee router to extend the range of the smart meter display interface supplied by octupus energy can’t move it more than 3 yards away from the meter without losing connection!
    The standard for zigbee (matter) is a mess.