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TP-Link Tapo Outdoor Security Camera TC65 £35.99 @ Amazon

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About this deal

Ultra-High-Definition Video: Records every image in crystal-clear 3MP definition.
Wired or Wireless Networking: Connect your camera to the network through Ethernet or WiFi for more flexible installation.
Advanced Night Vision: Provides a visual distance of up to 98 ft (30m) even in total darkness.
Motion Detection and Notifications: Notifies you when the camera detects movement.
Sound and Light Alarm: Trigger light and sound effects to frighten away unwanted visitors.
Two-Way Audio: Enables communication through a built-in microphone and speaker.
Safe Storage: Locally stores up to 128 GB 3MP video on a microSD card, offering convenient access to your video footage.
Voice Control: Free Up Your Hands with Voice Control: Works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
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Community Updates
  • Compatibility - Works with Echo Show/Echo Spot/Fire TV and Google Home Hub/Chromecast so you can watch or stop live video streams with a simple voice command
  • Safe Storage: Locally stores up to 128 GB 3MP video on a microSD card, offering convenient access to your video footage (SD card not included).
  • Ultra-High-Definition Video: Records every image in crystal-clear 3MP definition, Provides a visual distance of up to 98 ft (30m) even in total darkness.
  • Wired or Wireless Networking: Connect your camera to the network through Ethernet or Wi-Fi for more flexible installation, with 2 years manufactory warranty
  • Tapo Care – Explore the Cloud video storage and more advanced functions with a 30-day Free Trial. You will be notified before your free trial expires with information on how to pay for a subscription

What's in the box?TC65 Power Adapter Quick Start Guide Anchors and Screws Mounting TemplateProduct guides and documents


Installation Manual (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

User Guide (PDF)

User Manual (PDF)

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  1. Avatar
    This is the image from the garage with the lights off…lovely imagery and very clear as well.
    Useful. I need to check on the rats 🐀 in the loft
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    I have 1 of these, 2 of the 2k versions and 2 of the indoor pan/tilt versions and all are excellent. The AI person detection is very impressive. On our recent annual holiday to Cyprus we could lounge by the pool and get alerts of people walking past our gates directly to our Apple Watches. And when my father in law decided to pop round to collect some diy tools from my garage, I was able to speak directly through the camera and guide him to the correct shelf where the hedge trimmer was located (and now lost forever )
    This is opposite to what I get. People are detected well, but spiders, birds, trees and leaves or even misty light rain activate "area intrusion". Much worse at night, as even car headlights a street away reflecting of my van cause a detection and alert.

    Day Mode is quite good. Night mode is just rubbish. (edited)
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    I have two of these and fitted myself (DIYer). I simply drilled a small hole in our soft fit, pushed the cables through and then secured the cameras with 3 screws. From there, I went in the attic and attached a 10m extension cable (Jack to Jack if I remember correctly) and ran it down in to our upstairs storage cupboard as it has a 2 gang socket inside. Very easy to do and the quality is phenomenal for the price. I personally didn't go for the cloud storage and instead bought a couple 128gb micro SD cards and fitted these prior to installation. (edited)
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    I can vouch for this camera…got 2 fitted in two different locations and it’s gui is really nice and easy to navigate with some cool features as well. Well worth the pennies to the superb image quality and ease of use and installation.
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    I have this camera and it's pretty good value for money. Active alerts on the app for person detection and night vision is great for the price
  6. Avatar
    Fitted out our workplace with these, inside and outside, very happy - pay £10 a month for the cloud storage too, up to 8 cameras I think, with 30 day event storage. Good quality image and the app is good. Definitely not POE though.
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    I'm torn between doing it somewhat properly, with the reolink deal, or one or other of the standalone tplink cameras, or to just write the whole idea off as a neat but unnecessary expense. (edited)
    Tapo works well for me, I have the app plus enabled RTSP on each camera for a local server to record.
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    These cameras are excellent value for money as my neighbour has a reolink setup and I have these cameras and the quality is very much on par with the more expensive reolink cameras
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    Does this only require the app to view and do you have to sign up for an account or is it totally local? Looking at using it with a NAS on an isolated non-internet network.
    You need the app to view and to sign in, its quite good as apps go. You can save recordings direct to your phone or remove the SD Card & download that way .. There is no PC App that I know of.
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    I use similar cameras, brand called wansview. They are alright and abit of fun. If you are concerned and need serious cctv protection I wouldnt bother with any wifi camera and get solid always on hard wired setup with your own hdd .... but if like me, mostly for abit fun and just coz you want them, im sure these will be fine
    I can't see how this would be "fun"
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    Would it not be better paying £9 extra for the 2K QHD version of this camera, or is this one at £35.99 better value ?

    48920628-6cccw.jpg (edited)
    We had the 2k QHD for that price and it’s image quality is great.
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    Am I the only one who has noticed that as this is sold AND despatched by Amazon you maybe entitled to another £7 off by making use of the offer to have it delivered to a pick up location? Check out "Your personalised promotion codes" on Amazon.
    Are you saying you can purchase for under £30?
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    Is this POE ??
    Yes, but I can't confirm if passive or 802.3af/at
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  15. Avatar
    Is this the same as the C310?
    Yes, pretty much identical.
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    Ordered 2
  17. Avatar
    This isn't a battery version though right? So how much hassle it is getting it wired up? Surely most people need an electrician and at that point the cost of installation becomes multiple times the cost of the device?
    It is very easy to setup. Depending on how many cameras you have, you will have to drill the holes where you want to place them. They run off power adaptors so you have to have a supply within reach. The rest of the connection process is really easy. I managed to put two cameras up within 1 hour
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    This is the normal price for these. The 2k sometimes drop down to this price also
    when was the Tapo C420S2 this price?
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    To watch a clip from the previous day is that done via the app ? If so would I need the subscription?
    Yep as long as it an SD Card in there you can view past days, weeks etc.
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    Thanks @hecatae ordered!
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    The hardware is very, very good, but the AI detection stuff is total junk at night time. You will get birds / spiders in front of the lens reported as people, or intrusion detected. So, if you just want to view in real time its good or use in daytime. But if you want to use the detection features for recordings during the night, its junk. (edited)
    It gets worse when the person can crawl and go undetected
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    Does it do 24 hrs recording?
    Yes it does with a subscription
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    We have 2 of these and they really are excellent.