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Posted 19 January 2023

TP-Link Tapo Smart Bulb Tapo L530B(2-pack) £15.99 @ Amazon

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TP-Link Tapo Smart Bulb, Smart Wi-Fi LED Light, B22, 60W, Energy saving, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Colour-Changeable, No Hub Required Tapo L530B(2-pack)

Compatibility - Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for Voice Control;
Multicolour - With a wide range of colours and dimming capabilities, you can choose from multiple colours and set the mood to match any moment;
Remote Access - Control your lights from anywhere with your smartphone using the free Tapo app;
Device Sharing - Share management permissions with family members for multiple control;
Schedules and Timers - Set schedules/timers to switch on and off automatically when you’re home or away.
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Cheers op

Colour Your Life
Immersive lighting for any scenario
Easily design scenarios for your daily routine or special activities by customizing brightness, colour temperature (2,500-6,500 K), and colours—with 16,000,000 hues to choose from.

Quick and Easy Setup
The Tapo smart bulb installs as easily as a standard light bulb, follow the guide, enjoy your new smart bulb within 2 minutes!


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  1. hell2021's avatar
    Will the bulb connect to 5ghz or will I have to change to 2.4ghz on the WiFi?
    Chz's avatar
    Unless your place is very small, it's always good to have 2.4GHz on. You get much better speed and reliability once you're a distance from the router. It doesn't mean you have to turn the 5GHz channel off (unless you have a very strange router). And to answer the question, yes - almost all of these IoT devices are 2.4. As are most Kindles, smart meters, plugs and so on.

    On another note, mesh systems are getting a lot cheaper and will choose the frequency for your devices pretty seamlessly.
  2. Rambot's avatar
    Serious question. What are these good for? Why do I need smart bulbs? I could understand if they linked to an entertainment system to add ambiance, but is it jus that you can turn them off and on from your phone?
    sheffield788's avatar
    You can link them to Alexa and use voice command. In our case, the light switch is on the other side of the garage. We ask Alexa to switch it on. We are also very unlucky with the light pull cord in the bathroom, it breaks all the time. So we use voice command instead of pulling the cord. Also, nice as ambient light with the lamps, you can switch colours using your voice. You can link it to an alarm system for example, when the alarm is triggered, the light kicks in. Also, if you are away from home for a few days, you can switch the light on and off with the phone so people will not know you're not at home. Small kids, will not fall asleep with the light off, when they sleep, you don't need to go in their room/make noise to kill the light, you do it remotely. You can also dim them.
    Personally, I prefer voice command rather than using a mobile. It is not a must have product, but a nice to have one. And if you use lamps instead and you don't need colour, you can do the same with a normal bulb, but you need a smart plug. (edited)
  3. Noneoftheabove's avatar
    How long do these last, compared to regular Led bulbs?
    Pree_Pree's avatar
    Quick Google search says between 15000 and 25000 hours. I have these and the plain warm white tapo ones all round the house. They are brilliant and dimmable.

    They sometimes lose connection but easily pair up again. Now I have TP Link signal boosters round the house I need to migrate the bulbs to that and I'm sure it will be even more stable.
  4. hopeless's avatar
    How does this compare to the Meross equivalent, is the dimming range better?
  5. 05ryan's avatar
    These are rubbish, always disconnect and take ages to connect back
    Gerry557's avatar
    Check your WiFi. It sounds like you have an issue or something that interferes.

    I have 8 or 10 some in the garden without issues although I have a mesh network so the signal is spread evenly through the house
  6. hammad.qureshi's avatar
    Are they bright enough to light up a medium size room? I don't like dim or dull light for routine use.
    Answer will be helpful.
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