TPO 5GB 4g data, unlimited texts, 1,000 minutes - £9.99/mth. No credit check! Cheap out allowance calls

TPO 5GB 4g data, unlimited texts, 1,000 minutes - £9.99/mth. No credit check! Cheap out allowance calls

Found 6th Jul 2017
The People's Operator
1,000 mins, unltd texts, 5GB (4G): £9.99/mth*
The People's Operator* now offers 4G. For £9.99/mth you get 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of data.

Launched in 2012, The People's Operator is a piggyback network running off Three's signal. The company has had mixed customer service feedback in the past, but it's taken steps to improve since. It will also give 10% of your monthly spend (pre-VAT) to a charity of your choice – a nice touch.

30-day rolling contract; contracts terminate at the end of the calendar month in which you give notice.
Runs off the Three network.
Calls to UK mobiles and landlines included. Calls to 084/087 numbers extra – see call costs.
Use up your allowance and you'll have to pay 3p/MB and 10p/min.
You won't be credit-checked, though it'll carry out a basic ID check.
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I tried to "register" for this lot, very strange because they refused my application after their "3rd party" authentication process failed, no idea what that means, however after 4 tries i gave up - TPO have some terrible customer service reviews too....good headline sell but cold from me, they're far too picky over who they accept - even though its no credit check they STILL check you details etc and refuse you if they mess up... avoid
Probably your id didn't stack up
Im with these guys. I can't complain I've had no issues and porting my number over was easy. I would recommend these guys without any hesitation.....and before anyone asks, no I don't work for them
Can this be used for tethering?
Personally I'd go with plusnet 5GB 10 quid, they have good customer service.
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Heat added btw!
I have 2 TPO SIMs from the £3.99 deal on here - although I just got stung with network use as there's no capping...

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Lebara offering unlimited calls to UK and 43 destinations, 1000 texts, 5GB internet for £12 seems to be better option. They use Vodafone network.
I've been using these lot for around a year.
Very good network tbh and internet speeds are more than good enough.
Never had a problem
I had a terrible experience a year or so go. Porting my number was a nightmare and after a couple of months they put up the price. Luckily it was a monthly rolling contract and was able to leave. Never again with TPO.
Does this support Wi-Fi calling. Useful in areas of poor reception?
Thinking of going over to this from talk talk mobile. Was thinking of 3 but this is 5gb of 4g. For 9.99
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