Track Santa-website opens 1/12/10 - Free ! from 1st December

Track Santa-website opens 1/12/10 - Free ! from 1st December

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Fab fun for kids (and big kids !)

Direct link here

Just to let you know the website is up and running for kids to look at from 1st December, leading upto tracking Santa on xmas eve. Kids love it.

Thanks to kipper on mse for the reminder


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Yeah I cant wait. Heat added

link aint working lucerysmum


link aint working lucerysmum

Ist of December it opens. Just google NORAD and there it is from 1st of December as title says

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link aint working lucerysmum

will let admin know, thanks

The big kids in this house will be tracking him!!!

My kids log on to this every Christmas Eve and just LOVE it - you can track him from his "launch" at the North Pole right round the world with "video" clips as he travels past famous sights - Excellent free fun for kids!

love this on christmas eve , tnxs

Definately the best one Thanx

cool woop woop

Thanks for the info

oooh !! we all love this on Christmas eve.It makes the kids go to bed early cause they can see that 'he is nearly here' !!!!

Exceptional site, kids love it! can't wait

cheers did this last year

it is workin were do u expect santa 2 b on the 1st of dec???? sittin on ur front lawn waitin 4 his mince pies???????????? he's still at the north pole makin the toys pmsl check in a few days

on is way
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