Trackmania Stadium £1.99 @ Steam
Trackmania Stadium £1.99 @ Steam

Trackmania Stadium £1.99 @ Steam

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With new tools to create 3D objects and game scripts, and the import of tons of creation from the original TrackMania, Stadium is a title rich in creations!

]TrackMania² Stadium is the return of the popular Stadium environment enjoyed by millions of players with TrackMania Nations Forever. Now part of the ManiaPlanet environment, Stadium allows for improved services around the game, better graphics and a powerful track editor
TrackMania² Stadium is a whacky, crazy and fast paced take on the racer genre. Stadium’s pure gameplay ensures it is easy to pick up and learn, yet the depth has made it an eSports favourite for years, bringing both creative and competitive gamers together in the mix.
Key Features
A thrilling racing experience: Jump into your car and enjoy high-speed races with super-responsive cars where only your skills as a driver make the difference!
Extensive solo campaign: Race through over 65 unique tracks in the solo campaign, gather medals and compare your times with players from all over the world.
Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: Thanks to a pure and focused gameplay, TrackMania² Stadium is very easy to get into, but you’ll have to rely on all your skills to reach the top.
Experience the Legend: Enjoyed by millions of racers all over the world, the Stadium environment is back, bigger and better, with even more possibilities!
Unlimited creative possibilities: ManiaPlanet provides all the tools to easily create and share with the TrackMania community. Whether you like to make videos, create your own tracks, car skins, or create a full-blown custom game mode, you’ll find everything you need here
Competition for everyone: Trackmania Stadium has been an eSports favorite for many years, and is now coming back even stronger thanks to new Team and Competition management tools, embedded livestream capabilities and much more!


Heat! The three Trackmania2 games are fantastic. So well optimised too.

I'm still playing the original! So much insanity, I love it.

Not much difference from the free Trackmania Nations Forever. Been free since almost the beginning of Steam.



Not much difference from the free Trackmania Nations Forever. Been free … Not much difference from the free Trackmania Nations Forever. Been free since almost the beginning of Steam.http://store.steampowered.com/app/11020/

There seems to be more active players in Trackmania Stadium, though. In my opinion, multiplayer is where the fun is in Trackmania. I have played through solo in Trackmania Nations Forever, but mostly for practice, it doesn't offer much else.

Steamcharts statistics for Trackmania Stadium
Steamcharts statistics for Trackmania Nations Forever

edit: Actually, looking at a longer period, it seems that Trackmania Stadium has had much less active players in the past few months, seems like the recent sales has bumped up the charts. I'm sorry for not being thorough
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Trackmania Nations Forever is a great starting point, and Nadeo have now released a demo for Trackmania Stadium (well, all of their new games) that you can play an unlimited amount for the first two days, then an hour a day after that, so that might be enough for some people on its own.

Super hot deal.

Trackmania is the bomb. Would LOVE a PS4 or Wii U release on this bad boy.

I like racing games but for some reason I don't like going upside down and such.. That is just me! Voted hot.
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