Trackmania Turbo Xbox One £12.00 For Xbox Live Gold Members
Trackmania Turbo Xbox One £12.00 For Xbox Live Gold Members

Trackmania Turbo Xbox One £12.00 For Xbox Live Gold Members

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Couldn't see this posted so thought I would share it, fun game well worth £12 (especially for anyone doing the gamesharing thing) and it's only a 4 gig download. Not sure when this deal runs to but hope it helps someone

Forgot to mention there's a free trial for anyone wanting to give it a try, think it allows you to play on the first half a dozen tracks or so.


Superb game, immensely fun and challenging, easy recommendation at this price, hot.

Well worth it and great price

Think that depends on your age - I've played and loved Trackmania for about 15 years, but found this one too twitchy and fast. I was struggling even on the early levels.

However, traded it in, and only lost a couple of pounds, so not all lost. oO

Mine is bugged on multi lap races. At the end of every lap, it freezes for around two seconds and then when it comes back, I'm in a wall or tree so impossible to get hold on each section.

Great price though
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How crazy are the tracks on this ? I played the demo and was disappointed how basic they were, just fairly normal designs rather than the completely insane tracks I'm used to with Trackmania.


any power ups on this?

Exactly the same happens to me, I read somewhere that it's because it's reading the game off my external hard drive but never tried shifting it back to the main one. Is yours on an external drive?

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I have the game stored on an external HDD (Seagate, perhaps it only effects certain makes/models?) and have not experienced any of the issues mentioned here, perhaps it might be worth trying the free trial before buying?

Got a fair way into the career mode and the tracks are now VERY challenging, but still fun. They are certainly far more extreme than the ones from earlier levels. All in all though I'm really enjoying it, I'm also liking the support for local multiplayer, Rocket League apart not many games seem to have that these days.

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any power ups on this?

Not as such, there are turbo boost strips (which you have to try and make sure you don't jump over) & ones which kill your engine power until the next checkpoint but there's nothing like you find in the likes of Mario Kart.

thanks pete_21

is this the cheapest it's been digitally? I recall it being on sale before Christmas but can't remember how much it was!
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