Tracks - The Train Set Game (Steam) £3.49 @ Fanatical

Tracks - The Train Set Game (Steam) £3.49 @ Fanatical

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'A wonderfully relaxing way to spend a bit of downtime' – Eurogamer

'One to watch for train enthusiasts' - PC Gamer

‘Tracks - The Train Set Game looks utterly delightful’ - Kotaku UKTrack Building

Build the train sets of your childhood dreams with an easy-to-use editor. Just indicate where you want to build and Tracks does all the hard work for you, effortlessly mapping out turns, junctions and crossings under your command.

  • Add houses and trees to create your own little villages
  • Place unique track shapes and configurations beyond what you would normally find in a physical train sets
  • Physics objects to play with
  • Play in free-mode to build at your leisure without any set objectives

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Actually had my eye on this since it came out seems worth the £7 retail for what the game is so I appreciate they didn't over price it - so at half the price should be very affordable
why is it all written in Mars bar font?
Thanks worked after following link 2nd time after signing in, game has had lot content added over last few months since early access began
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Thanks for highlighting this Bob, it will make a train obsessed four year old incredibly happy 😊
mrzootsuit3 h, 54 m ago

why is it all written in Mars bar font?

So a train made out of mars bars can steamroll itself down your throat.
mrzootsuit15 h, 2 m ago

why is it all written in Mars bar font?

I thought it was more Toblerone font
I was mixing this up with Locomancer, glad I double checked as for once I found I didn't own the game but was on my wishlist. Usually I see a bargain, go to buy it and find it's already in my library
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