Trade in your Xbox Elite and get a Xbox Slim 250GB for £99 @ GAME

Trade in your Xbox Elite and get a Xbox Slim 250GB for £99 @ GAME

Found 12th Jun 2011
Xbox 360 250GB Console - Only £99.99 when you trade-in an Xbox 360 Elite 120GB.*


Hasn't this been on since the launch of the 360 slim?

If you want to swap it for an Elite, it's not terrible.

But, you're better off pricematching the trade in price of the Elite with HMV (£80) or CeX (£80 boxed) and getting it at Gamestation (GAME does price matching but I think they'll tell you to sod off as this would render their deal useless). Buy the 250gb for £175, minus the £81 pricematched credit, costs you £94. If you can't be arsed with the hassle, fine, do this (though if the price of the 360 Slim instore is £160 at GAME like their website, then yeah, pricematch with them and then buy the Slim afterwards, as that'd get you the Slim for £80 and your Elite).

But unless your Elite is dying, I can't see the point in replacing it with a Slim anyway.

The trick to doing this is to get gamestation to price match your elite and stick the money on a trade card, Allso dont forget to get your points on a trade in card as i belive its still triple points for all console trade ins. Then come back 10 mins later and buy yourself a new elite slim. Easy.

Do Game supply free lube so it doesn't chafe when they f**k you in the ass?

That would be the clincher for me..

Hahahahaha, awful awful deal.

I feel sorry for any idiots who actually used this.

Also, the old 360's are far batter. No unreliable built in wifi, no abysmal fan placement, and no crappy glossy plastic.
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