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Makita MT 240V Corded 940W Belt sander M9400 - £80 - C&C Only - Limited Stock - Trade Point (B&Q Cheetham Hill)
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Posted 30th JulPosted 30th JulLocalLocal
Bit specific but there are apparently a few of these available at Cheetham Hill near Manchester. Seems like a decent bit of kit. Good reviews. Nearest price I can see is £99. Might… Read more
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Just wish I was closer to one of the stores that have them. Ended up picking up a Bosch today for £76 from Axminster Tools instead. To be fair, it's doing the job well.


It’s great, used it for over a year - really heavy duty and replaced a cheap vonhaus one. Actually, it replaced 3 Vonhaus models as the rubber rollers melted and belts started slipping and they kept sending a replacement. After the 3rd realised it wasn’t simply bad luck. This Makita one has been great at restores old scaffold boards for furniture/shelving projects


How about sanding down sticking out ears?




:) very good I won’t edit my error now :)

Bosch Oven & Ceramic Hob Pack - £450 Instore @ Trade Point (Southampton)
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd MarLocalLocal
Bosch Oven & Ceramic Hob Pack - £450 Instore @ Trade Point (Southampton)£450£4561%
I was in the Hedge End Southampton branch of TradePoint (B&Q) recently and saw that they had in stock this Bosch Oven and Ceramic hob pack. With TradePoint 10% discount you c… Read more

I don't know why they even sell ceramic anymore. It's the budget end of electric hobs. Induction is the way to go


If you get TradePoint 10% discount it’s £405. Whomever you choose to buy from, no denying they are good value packs. The two individual items are typically around £300 each, so decent saving when buying as a pack.


£412.80 delivered from


Wow, a whole £6 off! (y)

Quicksilver Zinc-Plated Carbon Steel Woodscrew Set, Case Of 2800 £16.67 @ Trade Point
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Posted 16th Jul 2019Posted 16th Jul 2019
Quicksilver Zinc-Plated Carbon Steel Woodscrew Set, Case Of 2800 £16.67 @ Trade Point£20£6971%
Looks like you can have it delivered or collect from local B&Q Product Information This Prodrive recess double countersunk heads are constructed from a durable carbon steel. T… Read more
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Great deal, came across it myself the other day while trawling the clearance section and when I tried to share on HDUK was told it had already been posted and was directed here, I bought 5 of them, they are huge cases, Ideal for me as a builder, they’re not the same as the ones suggested from homebase!




Do I need to have a trade account for this?


trade only purchase, cold.


Good price, shame it's trade only or I'd have pounced on this.

JCB Cordless 18V 2Ah Li-ion Brushed Drill & impact driver with 2 batteries - £100 @ Trade Point
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Posted 15th Jun 2019Posted 15th Jun 2019
JCB Cordless 18V 2Ah Li-ion Brushed Drill & impact driver with 2 batteries - £100 @ Trade Point£100£126.9621%
Product Information Comes with - 2x 2.0Ah Battery, Charger, 1pc double ended screwdriver bit No load speed: 0-450/ 0-1600 rpm Torque settings: 16+3 3 functions drill functions; Dri… Read more
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How difficult is it to get a trade card though, and I bet some stores easier than others ..




Oh 😴


You could always train for a few years, but I suppose the offer will be gone then ;) still you will have a trade that will be fairly useless in a country that does not build enough houses and has crumbling infrastructure :) on a serious note most of the trade point stuff is the same price! see B+Q open to all with the cash :)


Trade only though so not available to most unfortunately

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Posted 8th Apr 2019Posted 8th Apr 2019LocalLocal
Seen at TradePoint Dartford, but is nationwide subject to stock availability. They've also got a 24Kw boiler for £227 and the flue kit for £39.
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Don't know what you're smoking or quite what your comment means as I politely explained you were giving £50 to source it ....


Wow. I had a combi boiler installed for £250 by a gas safe engineer and baxi approved. But had quotes nearly upto 1k. They must pull these prices out of their ar*e!


Here are some for you to understand: STRANGE-O


Read again £50 more. Could it be more than what?

Titan 1200w Plunge Saw for £70 B&Q Trade point Lincoln
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Posted 1st Mar 2019Posted 1st Mar 2019LocalLocal
Titan 1200w Plunge Saw for £70 B&Q Trade point Lincoln£70£109.9936%
B&Q are currently selling the Titan 1200w plunge saw for £70. Found in Lincoln but can’t see online. link is for Screwfix for reference only. I thought it was a great price for… Read more
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Well not sure about this particular but it’s good that the patent from Festo has expired as you can see more and more of this guide rail saws for cheap


I bought one of them and returned the day after.

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FREE Cutting Service @ Tradepoint/B&Q
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Posted 15th Jan 2019Posted 15th Jan 2019LocalLocal
FREE Cutting Service @ Tradepoint/B&QFREE£0.01
Just a wee reminder for those who didn't know, if you go to any tradepoint store (i.e. B&Q) your first 15 cuts are free, then it's only 50p a cut. As far as I can tell, it's ti… Read more
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They cut sheet timber and worktops ONLY. And the timber must be purchased on site. The service should be used to get the timber small enough to get into your vehicles to get it home - not do project cuts.


I used to do this job years ago and its really not a very nice job to do considering all the sawdust that goes into your lungs regardless of respiratory protection and extraction. Many people felt very entitled and expected you to do all their cuts for them including working out what they need. These customers were often very rude too. Some used to tip but it was against company policy and disciplinary procedures were commenced against anyone accepting money from customers. I assume this was to stop the operators giving out free planks of timber in return of backhanders.


Seen it before where a guy literally wanted the cutter to work out all his measurement for him to build a bookcase and then cut all to spec. They should be clear its as near as and its purely for transporting. But to be fair i measured a few boards andnthe guys seem experienced as theyre usually bang on. Bet no one leaves them a tip for saving them so much time.and effort.


If you were to get 20 cuts, It would only cost you £2.50... most other stores charge you 50p a cut from the get go which would cost you £10. The cutting service is mainly designed to help people load their timber into vehicles that are not big enough to fit 8x4 sheets. Its not a carpentry service.


Very good service in Castlepoint, Bournemouth. Cut 8 x 4 sheets, worktop, and door for me, foc and cleanand strait. (highfive)

universal mixed drill bit set with 223 pieces £20 @ Trade point online / instore
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Posted 4th Nov 2018Posted 4th Nov 2018
universal mixed drill bit set with 223 pieces £20 @ Trade point online / instore£20
I know there cheep and cheerful but come on for £20 , great set for the DIYer includes Comes with - 37 x twist drill bits: 4x 1.5, 4x 2.0, 4x 2.5, 4x 3.0, 4x 3.2, 4x 3.5, 4x 4.0, … Read more

Ooooh, I love a mixed drill.


B&q did have DeWalt small packs in clearance at £3 last time I went in which are pretty good value.


Try this;-


Interested, any good alternative for half the amount of bits?

Biasi Riva Plus 24 kw combi boiler 5 years warranty £349 Trade point (B&Q)
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Refreshed 1st Nov 2018Refreshed 1st Nov 2018
Biasi Riva Plus 24 kw combi boiler 5 years warranty £349 Trade point (B&Q)£349£47927%
Product Information Effectively heat your home with this combi boiler, keeping you warm during the winter months. This combi boiler is frost protected and is the perfect replaceme… Read more

Hi Chris_freeman i got a 21yr old gloworm. Standard set up with tanks. Its serviced every year, never failed. I want to replace with a Worc bosch or what make do you recommend? (Combi ) 4 bed detached 13 rads boiler in garage so no issues with size etc. But will need 5 mtrs copper gas supply pipe only 15mm at the moment. Whats the average labour to swap a standard boiler for a condenser boiler? Thanks for your time. Mark (y)


Thanks for that information. Maybe after this packs in then can look at something better quality.


Vokeras aren’t great. But cold weather shouldn’t cause it to just break down. Assuming the boilers in your house (not a garage and installed without a frost sensor) Most common reason for not starting in the cold weather is the condense pipe is running outside and is too small. Causing it to freeze. The condensate will end up backing up into the boiler causing it to shut off. Usually along with a banging noise. Best thing is to trace the white 21mm(ish) pipe that goes out side and pour hot water over it to defrost it. They should be run inside the house where possible, but the regs state that if it goes outside it must be in 32mm. So might be worth getting it upgraded to prevent it from happening every winter. Hope this helps a bit. Hard to diagnose something without seeing it lol


What's your opinion on Vokera? We have it at the moment. Only stopped working back in the last big freeze when everyone's did. Do you have any advice please to stop a boiler from breaking down during a big freeze?


Anyone have much experience of intergas boilers ?

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Posted 29th Jul 2018Posted 29th Jul 2018
Cheapest I can find this camera, £104.99 elsewhere. This 1080p camera is ideal for outdoor use with it's weatherproof case. HD CCTV camera that can be used to extend Yale CCTV syst… Read more

Come on guys, once you have the evidence, do you really expect the police to do anything...😁


I LOLd at this.


It’s an IP camera, it’s already a digitised image in a computing device. Of course you’d do an actual screen capture. As for zooming in on a 4MP image, of course you can. This camera, and I’m going purely on specs, not so much specifically this camera. Has twice the pixel count of 1080p. I’ll ask again, what resolution do you expect from a CCTV camera? 4K, that’s 8MP. Please educate me?


Mate this isn’t Colombo where i need to document how evidence is gathered. If your going to the police they come and collect the evidence anyway (about 2 months after the event). So yes taking a picture with a phone of a screen is how most people do it and then chuck it on Facebook / snap / insta asking for help, cos the police are too slow. It’s 2018 not 1990. Who plugs in a usb, download the video / image still, plug it into a computer convert the video to a FLV for YouTube in 2018?? Finally, dodging the question..? I clearly asked “you Are you saying you will be able to zoom into a 4mp picture and pick out marking like a logo or tattoo?” You didn’t answer. It’s ok il answer it for you :{ ANSWER - No. No like the other op’s who voted this camera ice cold. It’s useless as a CCTV camera or any camera. You might as well get a dog and ask it what happened. You’ll have more luck finding the culprit. To end this camera is no good. I, along with everyone else can’t see why you think it’s any good.


Wasn't aware they'd hacked the firmware to add RTSP, still totally pointless and now all and sundry can view your video feed.. why not buy a proper cctv camera in the first place

Makita drill and impact driver. 2 x 4ah £192 including Vat Tradepoint customers only B&Q
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Posted 17th Mar 2018Posted 17th Mar 2018
Makita drill and impact driver. 2 x 4ah £192 including Vat Tradepoint customers only B&Q£192
B and Q trade point customers only I'm afraid. Basic spec pro tools but has got two 4ah batteries included. Three year warranty.

I use Panasonic, they are the best


Well I’ve bought a lot of dewalt gear lately & I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. I work with 20 sparks and probably 15 own makita and not a bad word said , 2 of us own dewalt and we ain’t stopped moaning. Typical sparks I spose.


Not a bad price at all. Personally like the de Walt XR brushless range but Makita very robust. They are pretty similiar. Milwaukee - now your talking but you won't get cheap as thi


Not a bad price but both tools are at the lower end of the range. To buy this kit separately would be an extra £50 so as a starter set it's a good buy.


You need some id to create an account?

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Posted 23rd Nov 2017Posted 23rd Nov 2017
DEWALT XR CORDLESS 18V 1.3AH LI-ION COMBI DRILL 1 BATTERY DCD776C1-GB @ Trade Point for £58.33£58.33
Was £70.83 Now £58.33 (ex VAT) Black Friday Deal! Hurry, offer ends Sunday 26th November. Subject to availability
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I wouldn't recommend anything less than an 18v for an impact driver. 10.8v & 12v are the same drill. The Americans seem to add a little bit extra for some reason and some manufacturers have adopted this. In the US an 18v drill is advertised as 20v while a 10.8v drill in the UK is a 12v drill in the US. Although the power tools in Aldi and Parkside tools in Lidl are very good there are some things you should consider before purchasing these. They only supply 1.3ah, 1.5ah and 2ah batteries. If you wish to upgrade to a higher capacity battery you also need to purchase a charger as any other ah charger will not charge it. This used to be the norm with all cordless power tools years ago but only Lidl and Aldi power tools haven't upgraded. I bought a cordless Parkside jigsaw with battery. It would be cheaper buying a new Dewalt jigsaw rather than buying a new 2ah battery and charger from Lidl. This may be okay for some but may be a problem for others.


Fair enough I would be thinking along those lines too don’t get me wrong


Many thanks for pointing the direction. Im after 18V/20V,so the amazon one doesnt suffice. Regarding the aldi ones,for some reason i think its better to invest a bit more for a dewalt/makita/milwaukee. Aldi ones only have 1.5ah battery and lower torque than many of the equivalent models from the three brands forementioned altho its a good price


Amazon are doing a twin drill impact kit for £110 by Makita. I think it’s 10 or 12v. Do you need more power? Was in Aldi yesterday and they had a twin pack drill and impact driver two batteries 18v both brushless for £120. If they don’t perform as they should they are good at returns. Comes with a 3 year warranty as well which a little more peace of mind should it crap out on you


I think for a lot of people having a job to do where you need to drill for one hour is probably not all that often. If it was for work that’s different I’d be asking for another battery anyway. Probably two light ones with a fast charger rather than a heavy one if it’s going to be drilling for that long

Forge Steel 55 piece tool kit £15 @ Trade Point C&C
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Posted 29th Oct 2017Posted 29th Oct 2017
Forge Steel 55 piece tool kit £15 @ Trade Point C&C£15
As above, decent price with the bag included - on offer at Screwfix for £29.99! Comes with - 5 x screwdrivers (3 x slotted (3 x 100, 5 x 100, 6 x 150mm), PZ#1 x 100mm, PZ#2 x 150m… Read more
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my views are as valid as any other person on here. so no i wont do one. i know enought about tools as ive been in the trade for over 20 years. so i know when its a good deal or if its just rubbish. how long have you been in the trade ??? ....


Out of stock (shock)


Not only that the bag, spirit level, wrench, clips, tape measure, stanley knife, pliers, cutters and hammer are worth £15 alone... yes its not going to be the best quality but the price reflects that. Heat from me!


I bought this set recently from Screwfix. Its good value at £30, at £15 its a steel. There is about 20 actual tools (55 includes all the screwdriver bits) so its basically under £1 per item. For occasional use, will be more than adequate for most people.


I own this from the last time it was on offer. Great set of tools. A Stanley bag of the same quality would be 15 bucks alone xx

Makita 18v twin set £228 @ TradePoint
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Posted 23rd Oct 2017Posted 23rd Oct 2017LocalLocal
Makita 18v twin set £228 @ TradePoint£228
18v combi drill & impact driver twin set including 2x 4.0ah batteries and charger. I was looking for a spare impact driver as mine has died and came across this deal, so I coul… Read more

Add the link


I think it is cold because the Drill is entry-level LXt range. The DHP482 can be had with this impact driver and 3 x 4Ah batteries for around £250 So in reality, unless you get a further discount from tradepoint, this isn't a great deal.


No really sure why this is cold? Great price!! Have some heat!


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Posted 1st Sep 2017Posted 1st Sep 2017

Drill is ok for diy only


Dewalt do a 9AH but it's around £150 lol


Cold. Plus they serve for the trade too anyway.


sorry to say this deserve a cold vote and voted accordingly



DeWalt DCR006 Bluetooth Speaker £36 @ Tradepoint
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Posted 14th May 2017Posted 14th May 2017LocalLocal
DeWalt DCR006 Bluetooth Speaker £36 @ Tradepoint£36
This is a deal for anyone with a B&Q Trade point card for tradesman! Sign in my local B&Q states buy the DeWalt DCR 006 Bluetooth Speaker for £36 with your tradecard. Dow… Read more

they're currently offering them for free if you spend £600 on a kitchen or bathroom. my guess is they ordered a shedload and can't get rid. good deal though heat added.

B&Q/Tradepoint Makita Glitch - £78
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Posted 11th Mar 2017Posted 11th Mar 2017LocalLocal
B&Q/Tradepoint Makita Glitch - £78£78
Tradepoint Shrewsbury have loads of Makita stock available this weekend. When I bought this I realised it didn't add on the VAT so effectively another 20% off the already discounte… Read more

The glitch is it's meant to be £78 ex vat but it's going through the till at £78 INC vat. muppet


Do you know the meaning of the word glitch?


no ta.


yeah I think so, I have the jigsaw and the impact driver and they all have the same battery. never bothered me that the lxt stuff is different.


Are these the b&q makita where the battery is not the same as the genuine makita and only fit b&q Drills

DeWalt Cordless 18V Li-Ion Combi Drill 1 Battery DCD776C1-GB £56 instore @ Trade Point
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Posted 23rd Feb 2017Posted 23rd Feb 2017
DeWalt Cordless 18V Li-Ion Combi Drill 1 Battery DCD776C1-GB £56 instore @ Trade Point£56
Just got a txt from Trade Point with this deal : 4 DAY DEAL! DeWalt Cordless 18v Combi Drill ONLY £56 Ex-VAT PLUS FREE 14pc Screwdriver Set! IN STORE ONLY! (832928) (24.02-27.02) … Read more
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Register with Dewalt and if any problems take it to an authorised repair centre with your certificate of warranty and proof of purchase, you will get it repaired or replaced by Dewalt within the warranty period, you may just have to be patient while it's repaired or tested.


I also found that the code doesn't work. However, you do have the option of getting the drill with an extra battery for £84 using the code CLUBFQ1Q5. You have to remove the screwdriver set for the code to work though.


​The code doesn't work for me. It say it should be entered exactly as it appears. unless you can update us please, looks like £70 is the best we're going get.


I checked this morning and they dropped the price to £70 at B&Q and using CLUBD86S4 you can take £10 off and it will be better than Trade Point deal about 67 VAT inc


​I've checked on the b&q website and it's showing a higher price. I'll try pop over tomorrow and see if it's the same price? If it is I'll surely be buying one.

Berg Helical Ribbon Mixing Paddle (L)500mm 1p @ Trade point (£5.01 delivered)
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Posted 15th Aug 2016Posted 15th Aug 2016
Berg Helical Ribbon Mixing Paddle (L)500mm 1p @ Trade point (£5.01 delivered)£0.01
Only useful for those with TradePoint accounts I'm afraid. I ordered this mixing paddle for delivery and it arrived this morning. Can't be picked up in store, as it was showing as… Read more

weird, I clicked the "get deal" link which took me to that page


That one is a different code to the original post (799006, opposed to 724821). However, they appear to be identical. As pointed out by wisemonkey, looks like the 1p one is out of stock now anyway.


[image missing]


no, they weren't still 1p each.... [image missing]


Now out of stock

DeWalt 10.8V Li-Ion Drill Driver & Impact Driver Twin Pack 2 £125 - possible £79.20 with Trade-point card! @ B&Q
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Posted 13th Jul 2016Posted 13th Jul 2016
DeWalt 10.8V Li-Ion Drill Driver & Impact Driver Twin Pack 2 £125 - possible £79.20 with Trade-point card! @ B&Q£79.20
Its on offer for £125 at B & Q - but for trade-point users its just £66 ex vat (or £79.20 including VAT). £79 for this is a good deal IMO (if you have, or know someone that ha… Read more
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No longer available selling at £125 now only found one set available for 50 miles and this was at Guildford. Got there they refused to sell at previous price.


is this offer still on as the date on the first post would make this expired?


Still available in store but none online, £80 is a great price for these.


Sold out quickly


sold out online. OOS