Traffic (DVD) - £3.09 delivered @ blahdvd / 101cd !

Traffic (DVD) - £3.09 delivered @ blahdvd / 101cd !

Found 9th Oct 2007
Traffic (DVD) - £3.09 delivered @ blahdvd / 101cd !

Synopsis : Three intertwining stories all relating to the drug trade form the basis of Stephen Soderberghs latest film, a highly inventive and gripping exposure on the world of drugs and how they effect everything they come into contact with. Michael Douglas plays the newly appointed drugs czar who finds out his teenage daughter is addicted to heroin. Catherine Zeta Jones is the wife a big time smuggler who takes over the business when her husband is arrested, while Don Cheadle and Louis Guzman play the cops determineTraffic is the Academy Award winning thriller set in the world of drug trafficking, from the cartels in Mexico to the wealthy dealers across America. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Traffic evokes the high stakes and high risks of the drug trade, as seen through a series of interrelated stories, some of which are highly personal and some of which are filled with intrigue and danger. Traffic will keep you on the edge of your seat...d to shut down her operation. While down south of the border Benicio Del Toro is the crooked cop that starts to fight the local drug suppliers in his own way. A riveting look at a tough subject that shows you several sides to each story and that the drug problems not as black and white as it might first look.

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