Traffic: The Mini-Series - £3.95 @

Traffic: The Mini-Series - £3.95 @

Found 12th Jun 2008
NOT the original film, this is the TV follow-on. Next best is DVD Source at £7.99.

Going beyond the Academy Award-winning movie, Traffic: The Miniseries takes an inside look at the highly lucrative world of illegal trafficking, a dark world in which supply and demand isn't just for drugs: it's also for goods, weapons and even human beings.

Traffic: The Miniseries follows the story of three main characters:

Mike McKay (Elias Koteas), a US Drug Enforcement agent in Afghanistan who loses his credibility and sees his family and his nation under different and terrible threats.

Ben Edmonds (Balthazar Getty), an ambitious graduate who assumes the family company just to learn its dangerous connections to the Chinese smuggling underworld.

Adam Kadyrov (Cliff Curtis), an illegal immigrant who's family is killed and his own investigations will lead him to a life-or-death thrilling situation.

The lives of the three men become intertwined in ways they never could have foreseen and don't understand... until the very end. Traffic: The Miniseries is the story of an industry where the power and seduction of money lures the innocent into a harsh, unforgiving and dangerous world - a world in which wealth and power eclipses the value of human life.


So this is the US miniseries of the movie of the UK miniseries?

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Yes, it indeed it is. Talk about confusing.
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