Training Day, The Matrix, Hot Fuzz, Coach Carter, The Mummy & Many More DVD's for £1 @Poundland

Training Day, The Matrix, Hot Fuzz, Coach Carter, The Mummy & Many More DVD's for £1 @Poundland

Found 18th Feb 2012
Went into Poundland in Leeds city centre today and picked myself up Hot Fuzz and Coach Carter for £1! They are replay ones, but look brand new to me and even come in selophane wrapping. They had a decent selection, all of them £1.
These are the ones I remember:
-Hot Fuzz
-Coach Carter
-The Mummy
-The Core
- The Matrix Revelations
- Along Came Polly

Hope this helps someone.
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nice find will look on monday thanks
Similar selection in Norwich(St stephens),saw I Robot and Casino Royale too.
Also the best selection of Replay CD,s I've seen so far.
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nice find will look on monday thanks

no worries
Unfortunately none of the above titles were in my local store today (Middlesbrough) Oh well, still hot
Always hit and miss, I assume each store receives a box of DVD rather than specific titles
No sign of those in my local but they did have Hellraiser 1, 2, and 3.
Good deal if you can get it, but when I look in the stores close to home and work, neither have any decent movies

Richwhaaaaaaaaaa? Richmond! (Coach Carter for the confused).
A pound for the Matrix Revelations? Daylight robbery.
None in manchester
Loads of Best of WWe titles in mine yesterday - Kane, DX, Smackdown vol 1 and 2
In the Liverpool store yesterday they had:
Matrix Revelations
The Scorpion King
The Last Samuri
Save the Last Dance
Spider-Man (2 disc edition)
Birmingham had:

Matrix Rev
Minority Report
Spider Man
King Kong
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Edgware - zilch! Good find though if you have a big Poundland store in the area!!
I have some pictures of what is in the King's Lynn store, just got to get it off the wifes phone
Just been into leicester poundland and they had Training Day and the Matrix for £1. Bargain!
Picked up a few good DVD's there in the past. 1968 Night of the Living Dead, can't argue with that!
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