Trangia 25-6 Non-Stick Cookset With Kettle & Spirit Burner £60 @ Amazon

Trangia 25-6 Non-Stick Cookset With Kettle & Spirit Burner £60 @ Amazon

Found 25th Jan 2011
This seems like the cheapest I could find for one of these.

Box Contains
# 25-6UL – 25 Cooker Non-Stick with Kettle
Product Description
The Trangia 256UL NonStick Cooker with Kettle is a great stormproof, spirit burning, aluminium stove, ideal for three/four people. The Trangia is a lightweight stove making it fast and a reliable camping stove for the outdoors, in all weathers. Two windshields that fit together, a burner, a couple of pans, kettle, a combined lid/frypan and a handle. It is lightweight, needs no special care and is hardwearing. The Trangia stove is reliable, without unnecessary parts that can go wrong or be adversely affected by cold. The stove is quick to set up, and packs into a compact unit that takes up minimal space.The silent burner has a simple, durable and safe design. Regardless of the weather, wind and season, it is easy to light. The spirit burner takes up little space and weighs less than a gas burner. The simmer ring is used to regulate the heat, which saves fuel, and is used to extinguish the flame. In severe cold, a winter attachment can be useful. A preheater is placed under the burner, filled with fuel and lit to warm up the burner. The accompanying, reflective plate is used as a base. The Trangia stove can also run on bottled gas. The Trangia range of accessories includes a gas burner and a multifuel burner.
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£57.59 with free postage

Not going to complain about 41 pence myself. Amazon is free delivery too.

Edited by: "0xygen8" 25th Jan 2011
Where do you get 41 pence from - its £2.41 if my arithmetic is correct
Only getting a coffee now! My mistake, just not awake this morning.
Brilliant camping stoves - don't use any other!
If you want something a bit more lightweight, these are good:

Won't let me post ebay links properly for some reason
I ended up going for trangia one partly based on the fact that I can buy spares at a later date if need be. I had another no name trangia for years but it didn't have the non-stick pan and the burner was pretty poor.
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