Transcend 8GB SD Card (SDHC) - Class 10 £12.97 @ MyMemory
Transcend 8GB SD Card (SDHC) - Class 10  £12.97 @ MyMemory

Transcend 8GB SD Card (SDHC) - Class 10 £12.97 @ MyMemory

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Even cheaper than the last Amazon deal!

Transcend’s SDHC cards perform at a transfer rate up to 20MB/s on devices supporting SD 3.0, ensuring your device remains quick and responsive while recording and viewing files.


Scorchio from me Kate.

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Seems like a really good price to me.

A fantastic price for a class 10.
Any one have any reviews on it.

Good enough for many DSLRs, including the Nikon D5000. I and many others are somewhat skeptical of Transcend's performance claims, however.

I have ordered the 16gb at £27.99 for my Canon EOS 550d, many users recommended this card. Nearly went for the Samsung 16gb advertised on Play for £17.99 but there's a few vids on Youtube where the video recording cuts out because the speed of the card isn't quick enough.

I bought a couple and then a couple more because they were so good.

Transformed the time taken to take photos on my 10mp compacty camera....

Lifetime guarantee too....

Been up and down in price, this.
I bought it for £12.70, it's been £11.50 at its lowest too.

Oh - and avoid the Samsung micro sd's.
I bought one for some Nintendo DS stuff. It didn't work, yet did with a Sandisk.
I wont be buying Samsung micro here on in
I'll rank it with eBay cheapies.
They don't work and are a waste of money too

Ordered, thanks

Bought one of these last time they were on offer - only had an issue once where my Panny FS10 threw up an error whilst recording HD video but apart from that has been great!

Ordered one of these earlier for my brother. Great price.

Also - the 'backforgood' 5% voucher code is still working to lower the price a little more

already been listed?


that's really not bad.

I bought 2 of these in the past month from mymemory and returned both because they were faulty.
My Sandisk Extreme Class 6 is quicker.
I'm still not convinced they weren't fake cards.

great card. few weeks ago I bought 4gb version for a tenner and it's furiously fast with my nikon.

ordered, thank you

Gone for this - cheers OP


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Was it for spelling? (_;)

Got one for £12.40 a few weeks ago for my Pentax K-x. Had a class 4 card that could only record around 1 1/2 minute of HD video. This one goes on and on!

I hear there are some fake cards on the market.
All four of mine of these from MyMemory have registered on the Transcend web site OK for warranty and have also passed their "online test" on the Transcend site to check for genuine goods...

I've just tried my two spares out and for a 200mb data file, have achieved 14mb/sec file write speed using a USB adapter and a 4mb/sec write sped using my laptop's SD card slot.

Given that my laptop's a few years old and won't support "SD 3.0" mentioned in the advert, I'm quite pleased with that, but it does make you realise that different hardware affects the write speed of the same card - I assumed the SD card slot into the laptop would be quickerf than a USB adapter but it was the other way around...
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ordered. thanks!

Wicked Lester

Was it for spelling? (_;)

http://smileys.on-my-web.com/repository/Laughing/lol-020.gif To add the pic actually WL. Since Admin in his wisdom decided we MUST give a reason for editing our own posts, I've written the same thing every time I edit my posts on here. I hate the supercilious attitude on this bleeding site!

Better bang for your buck here.

You get a whopping 16gb for £20.89 using the code 'backforgood'.

Thanks - Ordered

just bought one of these from mymemory, I tried to register the card online but the serial number isn't recognised.

You should have a 10 digit number. My serial is a mix of numbers and letters located on the back of card at the bottom.The Transcend serial according to the picture on website should be on the back/right side and looks completely different to mine

Methinks mine must be a fake. Back to Mymemory. Has anyone who bought one from these cards has similar problems as me?
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