Transcend 8GB Ultimate SDHC Card (Class 10) - £6.61 @ GoMemory (Free P&P)

Transcend 8GB Ultimate SDHC Card (Class 10) - £6.61 @ GoMemory (Free P&P)

Found 12th May 2011Made hot 12th May 2011
**** Price now up to £9.75 so deal expired***

Currently on for £7.35 but if you use discount code GMUK10AM you can get it for £6.61 with FREE P&P.

(Discount code applies to first orders only)



really class 10 ?!


really class 10 ?!

The SKU, TS8GSDHC10, on Amazon and elsewhere says it is Class 10

Fully compatible with SD 3.0 Standards
SDHC Class 10 compliant
Compatible with all SDHC-labeled host devices (not compatible with standard SD)
Easy to use, plug-and-play operation
Built-in Error Correcting Code (ECC) to detect and correct transfer errors
Complies with Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements
Supports Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM)
Allows In System Programming (ISP) for updating firmware
Supports auto-standby, power-off and sleep modes
Mechanical write-protection switch
RoHS compliant
Lifetime Warranty
Additional Information

These cards are great for HD video - 15.4Mb/s write, 18.6Mb/s read

Good deal.

that is a very good spot. They're £9 ish on Amazon. Have these cards and they are v good.

tempting. Im brought a 4GB one from mymemory. Im thinking of returning that one and get this one instead.

some ppl test these transcend cards and find that the class 6 is faster than the class 10... for some weird reason.
but still gd deal
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I shoot 1080p HD on these and they're perfect.

Even Sandisk get hot, but not these... recommended.
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Coupon not valid?

Less than half what I paid for it a year ago (still haven't opened it actually)

Starting price now up to £8.50.

£8.50 now - less discount = £7.65
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now showing 8.50

Delivery Status Qty Item Price Not yet shipped 3 … Delivery Status Qty Item Price Not yet shipped 3 Transcend 8GB Ultimate SDHC Card (Class 10) £22.05 1 Cart Discount - Virtual item to reflect discount total -£2.21 Total: £19.84 (includes VAT £0.00)

Glad I got in quick!

damn missed it out, still waisting time with 7dayshop 32gb class 10 - which is no way near class 10
got replacement after returning previous one scoring only 7mb/s and guess what, replacement is as slow as the one I returned. Don't know is it worth asking for another replacement or just forget it and get a refund..

mine says starts at £9.75

£8.77 with discount

£9.75 now lol

this deals sinking fast

Ill pass


still waisting time with 7dayshop 32gb class 10 - which is no way near … still waisting time with 7dayshop 32gb class 10 - which is no way near class 10

The Class rating is only assured if whatever you're using to test it with also supports features required to achieve it. Your camera/camcorder most likely does. Your PC/Mac/Phone does not and will most likely will return a slower rate than what the card is capable of when at full chat.

going for 8.30 each if you buy 3 now.. or 8.50 if you buy 2 - just checked again

I had the 16Gb version of these and the only time it failed was when I dropped my camera onto concrete. It was enough to break the camera so I'm not too annoyed about the card!
I was using a 550d and it would shoot 1080p video and take raw pictures at the same time with no issues.

Only bought one of these yesterday from MyMemory for £8.90... Oh well.

I just bought a Duracell 8gb class 10 for £13 for my HX5V...

interestingly £48 on the duracell website:…tml

Hmm... I wonder how they compare against Transcent. Anyone got experience?

Well, I ordered and paid for three memory cards but they've only sent me two... Seems like I've been ripped off in a pretty underhand way.

Does anyone have a phone number for these jokers?

Info under my google checkout page is

Po Box 398
St Peter Port
07781 414844

I rescind my criticisms... Gomemory refunded the money.

Really impressed, lol. Thanks Go!!!
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