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Transferwise: free multi-currency current account plus debit card
Found 25th Apr 2018Found 25th Apr 2018
Transferwise: free multi-currency current account plus debit card
Work abroad or have clients overseas? Got a second home abroad? Living the expat dream? Travel frequently? Tired of paying extortionate fees to transfer cash between currencies? … Read more
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Don't forget £10.10 TCB


Because its writer girl! This site is corrupt and people vote with emotions not what deal it is. But i've noticed that certain people will go hot while anyone els they will vote cold. The voting system is pointless. But its kept to keep slaves coming back and posting while they rake in the profits!


Asked them about some AUDs I wanted to bring to my UK account and they take 0.35% for the conversion and use a mid market exchange rate so it's not as good as it sounds on the surface


To call it a current account is perhaps misleading its a savings account with debit card. You can receive money from everywhere but payments must either be made by bank transfer or on the card. You CANNOT set up direct debits therefore of limited use to anyone with a second home abroad.


It is currently unlimited (at least for existing cardholders) but is now 'out of beta' and from 1st July will be a 2% charge

TransferWise debit card, by invitation only - Check your email
Found 21st Feb 2018Found 21st Feb 2018
TransferWise debit card, by invitation only - Check your email
Today I received this in my inbox: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Gorgo, As you may… Read more
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Attempt at being funny / clever FAIL. Yes very basic English I do understand I have been speaking the language since I was born. Why do you wish you worked for TRANSERWISE the company?



Why do you wish you worked for TransferWise?


Yes they are late to party as already got Starling, Monzo debit card and NO fees whatsoever. Not to mention it is feeling rather cold in here...


I've wasted a lot of money on TransferWise and VirginMoney International Money Transfer service. Thank God we now have Monzo, Starling and Revolut. I wish I've had them for years; I would have saved literally thousands of pounds.

Transferwise Borderless Account - Free International Bank Account
Found 11th Feb 2018Found 11th Feb 2018
Transferwise Borderless Account - Free International Bank Account
Transferwise announced in early January about their new borderless account, it doesn’t look like anyone has posted it yet so I thought I would. In a nutshell it gives you Internati… Read more

Use transferwise.


You don’t get your personal account number or IBAN for USD a/c.


This may sound like a stupid question ..... but can I use Apple Pay on my iPhone to pay for goods when I’m in a European country and are there extra charges involved?


Would this be the best way to send money from a UK GBP account to a USD account with HSBC in Hong Kong?


Wtf they charge you to send e.g. US account to US account not with them?

Transferwise cuts fees for transfers from the UK
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Transferwise cuts fees for transfers from the UK
Foreign exchange company Transferwise has dropped prices on certain transfers and reckons 75% of UK consumers will benefit. The first part of a Transferwise fee is expressed as… Read more
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Thank you.


These peer to peer foreign exchange companies can save you a lot of money compared to the more traditional ways of forex transfer. I tried transferwise a few years ago but found currencyfair was better value at the time, this may have since changed and there are others in the market now too.


Moneycorp charge about 1pc on live mid price. Are these better?


Several comments here about rates and fees. But don't be swayed by these. When doing FX you need to answer the following question: "How many $ (or whatever) will I get for £X?" then compare the results. There's no point paying zero commission but getting a crap rate, or getting a great rate and hit with big fees. Last time I saw a comprehensive comparison of FX, Transferwise came out pretty well for medium amounts (say £1k or so) but various FX brokers were better on big amounts (£100k or so).


Cash transfers might be expensive. I’ve only used it send money from Bank to Bank via WU. You need to create an account for that.