Transformers (2007) 1 Disc movie £2.99 Delivered @

Transformers (2007) 1 Disc movie £2.99 Delivered @

Found 16th Jul 2009Made hot 16th Jul 2009
Awesome film and at £2.99 it's a steal!


decent price, good film

Get it on blu-ray. The whole point of this film is for it to look good, you're not exactly going to be marvelling at the plot, are you? Buy this on blu-ray then go and buy some proper films on DVD :thumbsup:


decent price, good film


Agree, it is one of those Blu Rays you use to show off your new system. Damn cheap if you haven't got a blu ray player though. Would still look good upscaled on DVD.

I think its a good price for 3 quid! I have the HD DVD one though

So much better than the latest incarnation, the opening sequences are superb ... and at least this film has some humour. The second has been labotomised.

This is awesome on bluray

Also Awesome on HD DVD...And only £1.99 for the 2 Disc HD version at Gamestation! :-D

P.S No need to start a Dead Format debate, this deal on it's own is good and heat added... :thumbsup:

this is the sort of film i'd love to see in HD, don't have a bluray player yet though. This is great price for the DVD version, heat added.

Heat added and DVD already ordered!

Is this a used one as are selling a brand new one for 3.99 now thats what i call a steal .....!
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