Transformers bumblebee dress up / costume £3.99 @ Home Bargains

Transformers bumblebee dress up / costume £3.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 15th Jul 2014Made hot 16th Jul 2014
found in home bargains blackwood but id guess it would be in more than one store, packaged with mask transformers bumblebee costume.. age 4-7
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Can confirm Leeds store too.

I got one in crossgates, leeds. Only this pic looks like its got extra armour. The one I got today just had out fit & a mask

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sorry.. google pic!

Salford has them too

Wow, saw the pic and thought it was a promo shot from the movie. The costume looks that good. Jesus make your own out of boxes. Have fun with it, create! Cold.

If only we had a home bargains near me. Heat added as super costume

Just got a couple from Blackwood home bargains aswell, age is 4-6, great price!

Available in Durham. Thanks

Was so pleased to find this for my transformer mad son.Great price love homebargains
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