Transformers bumblebee dress up / costume £3.99 @ Home Bargains

Transformers bumblebee dress up / costume £3.99 @ Home Bargains

Found 15th Jul 2014
found in home bargains blackwood but id guess it would be in more than one store, packaged with mask transformers bumblebee costume.. age 4-7
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Can confirm Leeds store too.
I got one in crossgates, leeds. Only this pic looks like its got extra armour. The one I got today just had out fit & a mask
sorry.. google pic!
Salford has them too
Wow, saw the pic and thought it was a promo shot from the movie. The costume looks that good. Jesus make your own out of boxes. Have fun with it, create! Cold.
If only we had a home bargains near me. Heat added as super costume
Just got a couple from Blackwood home bargains aswell, age is 4-6, great price!
Available in Durham. Thanks
Was so pleased to find this for my transformer mad son.Great price love homebargains
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