Transformers - Robots In Disguise Boxset 1 for only £4.99!

Transformers - Robots In Disguise Boxset 1 for only £4.99!

Found 6th Apr 2007
Twenty animated adventures. Episodes include: 'Battle Protocol', 'An Explosive Situation', 'Bullet Train Rescue', 'Spy Changers To The Rescue', 'The Hunt For Black Pyramid', 'The Secret Of The Ruins', 'Side Burn's Obsession', 'Secret Weapon: D-5', 'Mirage's Betrayal', 'Skid-Z's Choice', 'Tow Line Goes Haywire', 'The Ultimate Robot Warrior', 'Hope For The Future', 'The Decepticons', 'Commandos', 'The Volcano', 'Attack From Outer Space', 'The Test', 'The Fish Test' and 'Wedge's Short Fuse'.


Nice find and price Thanks Emma!

Box set 2 is the same price too!


posted on rpoints first

these will increase in price once the new movie comes out so now is the time to buy a few, ebay them later.

Thanks Em and deluxe - orderd both! Little lad will love these.

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Cheers folks, hope you enjoy

Now not available to order


Drat! Received the following e-mail...

We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to supply the above title at the price quoted on your order confirmation. Should you still wish to purchase this title it is still available on our website although it is now at a slightly higher price.

If you had chosen to pay for this order by credit card we can confirm that you have not been charged for this item. Alternatively if you had chosen Paypal as your payment method a refund is in process for you.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Kind Regards

Customer Services

I have just received an email to tell me that my order is cancelled, because the item is no longer available at £4.99. It was when I placed the order tho. They also went on to tell me that I can still order the item but at a higher price.
Has anyone else received this?

Posted the same time as you SilverBandit! have got to be one of the crappest retailers out there.

This has to be the tenth order they have cancelled on me and blamed the 'supplier'.

No doubt the item will appear on their site in a few months time at a higher price. Disgraceful company that produces more pricing errors than all the other retailers combined.

I got the same email this morning too

I ordered both though & have only been mailed about one of them at the mo?

I think I'll mail them and ask them to cancel the other one too.


OK, I got that same e-mail too. They canceled my order of 4 copies of Box set 1 that I ordered. However I have just had an email saying that my order for Box set 2 has been accepted at £4.99, all 4 copies of it are being dispatched!!
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