Transformers - The Movie (dvd) - just £1.97 delivered !!!

Transformers - The Movie (dvd) - just £1.97 delivered !!!

Found 20th Nov 2006
Transformers - The Movie is just £1.97 inc FREE home delivery from Woolworths Jersey !!!

Description : The earth is a battleground. An age-old struggle for control of the universe is taking place. Ordinary looking planes, cars and vehicles suddenly transform into mighty robots that wage war with the advanced armoury of super technology. An erupting volcano revives the dormant cargo of a spaceship that crashed four million years ago.

Two types of transformers emerge: The power-hungry, evil Decepticons and the Autobots who, with help from human allies, must use courage and ingenuity to defeat the Decepticons. WARNING: This feature contains strong flashing lights.


another stocking filler...thanks

I picked this up a couple of months ago from my local Tesco for 97p! Still at £1.97 I agree with the above comment, a great stocking filler.

Don't forget quidco for 10p.

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Don't forget quidco for 10p.

every little helps ;-)

nice one edi, thanks.

makes for a lovely ebay item as well, i remember watching this at the flicks when it first came out. Cant wait for the live action version I just hope it is not as bad as thunderbirds was.

Thanks Op

For the uninitiated, the 1986 original has a star-studded cast:

Orson Welles ; Robert Stack ; Leonard Nimoy ; Judd Nelson ; Casey Kasem ; Eric Idle ; Scatman Crothers ; Gregg Berger ; Don Messick ; Corey Burton ; Paul Eiding ; Lionel Stander ; Frank Welker ; Peter Cullen

Worth a look at this price even if your only slightly interested in Sci-Fi.

BTW there's also a 2 disc digitally remastered colour enhanced edition floating about that has a widescreen version, but that one goes for around a tenner, if anyone sees that edition going super-cheap, let us all know!

I always remember the opening line "The year is 2005..." and thinking 'wow, thats so far away.'

Thank you another couple of stocking fillers, bought 3 dvds for just over £10, my scene was only £3.97 and a new release which looks something like the cars movie but must be different 'the little cars big race' I think it was called released 27th November and under a fiver! Good couple of pressies, thanks :thumbsup:

Gone for this too! Cheers OP

Thank You.

I Received my copy today.

Very good price but ...

If you wait till next year or have a Multi region DVD player a 20th or 25th anniversary edition is available, which has a few extras re: the live action film
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