transformers voice changer helmet   £13.50

transformers voice changer helmet £13.50

Found 7th Dec 2007Made hot 7th Dec 2007
in the 25% off tesco direct offer the transformer voice changer helmet is now £13.50 and best of all in stock! available as online or collect in store.
apologies if already posted


awesome deal, far more expensive everywhere else :thumbsup:

Bargain. Have some heat

superb deal.looking for a decent price for a few days now....just ordered 3 for half the clan....cheers....heat added

Nice, wonder if I can return the other 1 I purchased from Asda for £18 last month?!?

Damn - can't find the receipt!!

Paid £18 at Tesco a couple of weeks ago, might return it to get difference back.

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Paid £18 at Tesco a couple of weeks ago, might return it to get … Paid £18 at Tesco a couple of weeks ago, might return it to get difference back.

as you bought it from tesco they may just give price difference back, they usually do.

I ordered these Tuesday at old price but they are being delivered tomorrow so as they dont charge til the driver drops them off which price will i be likely to pay £18 or £13.50 i'm tempted to re-order and reject others on delivery or would it be better to ring CS after delivery??

They usually say you are charged the price in store on that day.

Great price . thanks

Thanks thats my Godsons present sorted was starting to worry about what to get him so thanks for tip off!!:friends:

Oh and note FREE delivery is only free when you spend over £25 (luckly we needed a shreader so added that) but does bug me:o when they say free when its not totally it should say something like discounted delivery or something! Well im off my soapbox and off to bed!!:santa:

What is the free delivery code? Voted hot!


Great price, thanks agent_c !
I've added an image to your post, for help on how to do this check out the links in my siganture.

I ordered and added a sim card (which I did need) so then got free delivery the sim card was £2.something, so better than paying the nearly £5 delivery (even to the store!!!)

I bought one of these full price for my 4 year old and he hasn't stopped using it - would highly recommend as a Christmas present. Fab price - heat added!

Went for 2 to get the free delivery sizz option. Someone at my work is bound to want the other.

Great price for these!

Sorry, this is temporarily out of stock

******, only just seen this. I really wanted one as a joke present for my brother.

Does anyone know if they are 25% off in store too?

I think its is someone mentioned purchasing some games instore with the same discount and offers

Waste of time mother ****ers. Spent 1 hour at Tesco to discover that my oirder I had to pick up today was out of stock.

No e-mail, no phone call. Get your ****ing act together Tescos!

Same thing happened to me Letter of complaint HAS been written one unhappy boy at xmas now though
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