Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle £4 @ amazon

Travalo Rapid Pump Fill Perfume Atomizer Bottle £4 @ amazon

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Great for carrying around or taking with you or on Long flights. around £7-10 everywhere else. now £4 delievered @ amazon only pink and black and gold available now the rest have gone up in price.

Have you ever wished you could have a quick freshen up when you're out and about?

Carrying a big glass perfume or aftershave bottle is inconvenient, cumbersome and can be dangerous if it takes a knock and shatters.

Travalo is a refillable atomizer bottle with a difference. Its patented easy fill system allows you to refill in seconds with a simple repeat pump action. Travalo makes it easy and convenient to have a fresh confidence boost any time, anywhere.


I brought 2 of these last week from Amazon for only £3 each! but still a good deal.

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shame i missed out on that only just been looking as its great for a long haul flight and £4 is the cheapest i can find still cant complain cheapest for now.

have you used them yet do they refill as good as the say ? reviews seem great

Got two of these before xmas for £10 each ;-( but i can say that they are good!


Do these give a powerful squirt or a pathetic little dribble? Looking for the PTL myself :).


I have one and they are great for holidays and stuff.

Picture suggests a product that the ladies might like:p

i got one of these for xmas! had no idea what it was! thought what a crap present! lol was only a stocking filler but i just put it to one side. than i saw this on hot deals and was like wow thats what i have! then realised what it was and ive since filled it up with my everyday perfume and stuck it in my handbag its perfect!!! dont have to carry my massive 50ml perfume with me anymore thinking i might smash it in my bag! now i have this and spray myself every now n then, love it! highly recommended! i use to always look out for free mini perfume samples b4 i had this!
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Bought 4 @ £3 last week. Blinding deal at £4 aswell!

SO good for travelling with!

hot , can you rinse it out when finished and put in a new perfume



hot , can you rinse it out when finished and put in a new perfume

Yeah, you can use it forever, just make sure you wash it well. They are not disposable.

Got mine this morning from Amazon, ordered 2 black ones at £3.00 each. Yes i can say honestly this is one of those gadgets that does get used and not lie at the bottom of the drawer. Works brilliantly.

just ordered a silver one, thanks OP

Thanks again perfect for hols where you can't take 100ml as hand luggage!

Great deal! Wife just bought 2. Thanks.

Bloody silver went OOS just as I added it to the cart, had to go with black (and presumably never go back).

I bought four different colours for xmas presents. Loved by all, work well. Three from Amazon, one from elsewhere. All were around £8, so current price is a bargain. However, as I type, only the pink and gold are £4, silver and red are around the £8 mark and Black £6.25


Has anyone here bought the matching travel carry case which holds 3 bottles? I posted it up yesterday as its reduced from £15 down to £6.

£6.25 now. Was going to buy

Edit: Sorry my bad thats only for other colours
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Excellent idea bought two,one for my wife & one for her mate,cheers op,heat added.

Thank you i have ordered 2 as we're going away for 2 nights and will be flying with hand luggage only.

Pink, Gold and Silver all £4

I bought the black one the other day for £4. It was the only one for £4 and I thought it looked boring, but it actually looks very nice in jet black.

I've stuck some fragrance in it and it works a treat. I'm very pleased, although i would've liked if it held 8ml rather than 4ml which is a little small. But anyhow, it's very easy to refil. The sprayer isn't as generous as a full sized bottle but its perfectly good, and from the little testing I've done it hasn't dribbled out (that's when you know you got a cheapo sprayer).

I've ordered Red, Silver and Pink (for my lady friend lol) @£4 today. Bargain!

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this has got to be the worse xmas purchase 4me


Got mine in silver today. Very happy.

I also bought the travel case designed to hold 3 bottles as it was reduced to £6 (Deal Posted). No more atomizer rolling about in the bottom of my bag and it looks good too.


this has got to be the worse xmas purchase 4me

Can I ask why?
I think it's great. Granted, you can buy cheapo atomisers from ebay for a fraction and they do the same job, but this has excellent build quality and looks very nice.
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got mine the other day and its great so ordered another 2.
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