Travel Grobags £16.99 @ TKMaxx

Travel Grobags £16.99 @ TKMaxx

Found 10th Dec 2012
I picked up a 2.5 tog, 18-36 month Travel Grobag in Chelmsford TKMaxx this afternoon. The design I got was a spotty one, but they also had the Gro-ing Places design.
Our little girl is 16 months and will probably stop using sleeping bags soon, but we've found the travel Grobags invaluable when out over friends. It's so easy to put her to sleep in the travel cot whilst we're out, bundle her into the car and then out again once we're back home (and she barely opens her eyes!) that we decided it'd still be useful to have one purely for these occasions.
They also had loads of stock of other sizes, both 1.0 and 2.5 tog, normal and travel versions. I think the smaller ones were a pound or two cheaper.
I'd presume this is nationwide as when I've been in other stores they tend to get similar stock at the same time.
The larger, higher tog and travel versions tend to be more expensive so this seemed a bargain - the cheapest I can find online are around £19-20 delivered.
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They usually have these in all year round
yeah, it's where we normally buy them from, but it's often hit and miss what stock they have. I figured I'd post as they seemed to have a selection of just about every size, tog and travel/regular version available at the moment.
It's been a couple of years since I bought one of these, but they were brilliant, and I was paying £30 ish!
Growbags for kids? Don't they grow quick enough lol

But hot it a good deal
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