Traveler 6 megapixel Digital Camera + Extra's £69.99
Traveler 6 megapixel Digital Camera + Extra's £69.99

Traveler 6 megapixel Digital Camera + Extra's £69.99

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Going to the game this weekend? Capture the highlights with this 6MP Digital Camera. Small enough to fit in your pocket, keep it ready to snap the game, the score and the lads.

* 6 megapixel
* CCD technology
* 2.4" TFT colour display
* 16MB internal memory
* 512MB SD card
* 24 bit colour depth
* 3 × optical zoom
* 4 × digital zoom
* Shutter speed 2-1/1000 sec
* 5 white balance settings
* Autofocus
* Aperture settings F=2.8-4, 8-4.8/5.5-16.5
* ISO settings: auto 64/100/200/400
* Flash with 4 settings
* Self timer

Amazing accessories package

* Picture editing software
* Charger with four batteries, pouch, strap, USB/TV cable
* 512 MB SD memory card holds 168 high res or up to 5633 low resolution images


Thanks for the pointer sonygeezer

Word of warning on these, don't get me wrong its a cheap camera, yes it comes with all manor of extra bits... but..

Keep you reciept.. I have had friends have numerous versions of Aldis cameras and have had problems with all of them.

The main being quality of the photos, don't expect Named brand quality because they aren't, usually washed out colours.

The batteries have a funny life cycle (hence why I think they throw 4 at you)

That glorious large view screen... is not so glorious seems very pixelated to me and not very high res.

Anyway if your after a cheap camera and not expecting a miracle machine then buy one it is feature laden and will suit happy snappers who aren't looking to present their photos.

However saying all that this may be better, improved and a cracking camera.. its just past experience tells me otherwise.

The great thing about Aldi is their returns policy, you got the box you got the bits and reciept... its all good!

Thanks for the good advice and feedback Celticsun.

Original Poster

I had a Traveler 4 mp from aldi a few years ago cost me £199 and was a good camera. but the batterys were rubbish and only lasted about six months.
Traveler is a trading name for Medion a German company the products are re badged with traveler logos.and apparently the inside components are from Sony and Richo.
Also the camera comes with a three year warranty.

Thanks sonygeezer Medion are very well known and the three year warranty is a bonus.

The problem with Medion is that they produce the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I only own one of there products, the GoPal GPS (works great), though.
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