Travelodge £1 Room - Great North Run 2011
Travelodge £1 Room - Great North Run 2011

Travelodge £1 Room - Great North Run 2011

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Travelodge are selling rooms for £1 and can be bought in advance of the Great North Run on September 18th 2011.

Loads of availability for £1 per night (if payable by Electron - £2 for other payment methods)

This always sells out and you can expect to pay £100+ for a room closer to the time so if you are expecting to run the the GNR, get them snapped up early!!


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Go to travellodge.co.uk

Type in Newcastle, and search between the 17th & 19th September 2011

Should have several hotels around the Newcastle area for £1 per night

Are you sure this shouldn't read £19 room...? Never heard of £1 rooms with Travelodge.

Expiring until some proof is given for £1 room.

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Expiring until some proof is given for £1 room.


Please Unexpire


First time poster....hmmmmm. Voting cold....no proof.

You need to look harder. I've just booked. Thanks OP

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First time poster....hmmmmm. Voting cold....no proof.

Thats the spirit!!

There some £1 rooms in other Travelodges around Ncl as well, such as Silverlink. Good deal!
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Sorry..found it oO


good deal!

thanks booked two nights at £2

hot hot hot. never been to Newcastle.


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1st timer, just booked for sat n sun, looks like this unfit man and his girlfriend are gona do the run now, not told her yet tho. bargain 2 quid

I stand corrected. Hot, hot, hot!

Thanks OP

Awesome! Never manage to get a cheap deal for GNR weekend!

mother **** A! top deal

Cheers, great offer.

As well as Visa Electron cards, there are no fees for paying with Visa Debit cards.

Thats a great deal! How did you find out about it? My friend usually runs for charity so will let her know. Thankyou!

Nice deal. Shame its on my brother's 21st birthday otherwise I'd be considering it just for a weekend trip. Are there any other £1 dates for Gateshead central?

Top deal, have some heat


Just booked , great find, £1 per night unbelievable

I got one thanks ... what time do you hope to do in the run?

I've just booked mine, thats its fab!!!
Cost me £300+ for a room in 2007....

Lets hope I get a place to run now!!!!

Just booked the Saturday and Sunday night for £2. Excellent find. Thanks

booked. unbelievable.

thanks, just booked, I deferred my place in this years run so I have a guaranteed place in next years and a hotel room for £1 ---- MINT !

brilliant. just booked 2 rooms for two nights for £4

Ok, see you all next year - shall we all wear a HDUK badge?

Thanks again, and apols for doubting you at first OP. Might even see you there and buy you a pint. Booked two double rooms on the Saturday for the family - my daughter might be running with her school for the first time, but we'll go regardless.

Got mine as well, voted hot

Just booked both nights for £2 bargain...

top deal thanks

none left for central or gateshead - poo

personally I thought the level of racism this year was awfull, all those people chasing those ethiopians over the tyne bridge, tsk tsk tsk

does anyone know if silverlink is any good - as in distance away from the start of the GNR???
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