Travelodge £19 room sale starts tomorrow (17th Jan)
Travelodge £19 room sale starts tomorrow (17th Jan)

Travelodge £19 room sale starts tomorrow (17th Jan)

Buy forBuy forBuy for£19
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And don't forget 3.6% Quidco!!
From the email...

What better way to get over the January blues than to have a few days away to look forward to? The great news is, with our £19 sale, a mini-break doesn't have to cost a mini-fortune.

Check in for just £19
From 6am tomorrow, we're cutting the cost of thousands of February rooms to just £19. So why not visit one of Britain's finest cities? Or plan a few days away with your friends and family?

But don't hang around. These rooms will go extremely quickly. Make sure you're ready to book when the sale begins at 6am tomorrow.


There are already some rooms on their system for £19. Go to the frontpage and click on find £19 room.
eg Bristol Severn View M48, Wed 6th Feb

p.s. Breakfast is quick good and cheaper to book online than when your there.

Quidco on Travelodge - waaaa??? If only I'd known...


Quidco on Travelodge - waaaa??? If only I'd known...

Same here - been using TL for years! Rahhhhhhhhhhh!



Never found any cheap rooms in good locations...

I stayed at one about 6 months ago, and it was horrible! Room was dirty, and overpriced for what it was.

My first and last stay with travelodge.

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Check it out...


You earn money back on purchases etc (the website explains it much better than I)


Never found any cheap rooms in good locations...

I got Bournemouth for £29 when I need it.. thats cheap enough for me..

Dont know who rated this as 'expired' when it doesn't start officially until tomorrow :?

Voted hot, will try to get rooms for Feb 6th for the England game at Wembley:thumbsup:



A cashback website


is it just a quirk of the system that this is showing as expired? hmmmz.


is it just a quirk of the system that this is showing as expired? hmmmz.

Nah, some silly people have decided to click expired on it for no reason. Unexpired now...

Cheers for the heads up.

Thanks for this, I booked a £19 room last time the Travelodge sale was on in Covent Garden in December, nice, big clean room, a bit too big as the bed was miles away from the TV, but overall a great stay in a great location - bargain!

I've just booked a room two nights ago for £49 for a concert in February after holding off for weeks trying to find something cheaper, I really hope that one isn't £19 tomorrow We're having to leave early the next morning to I'm reluctant to pay more for a nicer hotel when we're not really getting the use of it.

We had four £19 nights over the Christmas break in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and London. To be honest none of them were exceptional but were comfortable enough for £19 a night I guess. The double room in London however was two single beds pushed together at different heights, very uncomfortable to sleep on. We were four floors up, the lifts were out of order and had been for months so the fire escape was the only option.

When it comes to paying £60 a night though I've stayed in Holiday Inns for £3 more with much more comfort and no list of "why we don't provide you with ....".

Hi, does anyone know if this will include Airport hotels?


The site's been updated and there are loads of £19 rooms available

Just booked 2 nts half term week in Southampton @ £19 per night :thumbsup:going to take our car mad 5yr old to Beaulieu for the day, thanks for the post.

PS we booked the breakfast but to be honest it looks a bit naff, kind of like an airline meal. Has anyone had one of these "breakfast to go" things (and lived to tell the tale ha ha)

i have stayed in 2 now, Bath and Sheffield both brilliant. Cheap, clean, city centre rooms. They are fantastic value for a no frills hotel. i rather spend the money on enjoying myself when all I want the room for is to sleep in!

Just booked 2 rooms for 2 nights in Peterborough Central for the 15th Feb for me and 4 mates. We are going there th watch Peterborough vs Barnet (cos 1 of them supports Barnet!). So cheers for the heads up. Heat and rep added. Cheers OP!:thumbsup:

Booked last night, £27 double room with breakfast..........and Quidco.


There are still some £9 room available for June/July and August. I just booked one in Halifax as i'm taking the kids to the science museum. Who can complain, a family of 4 for £9.

It's unlikely you will get anything on a Friday or Sat night though before you are too disappointed.
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