Travels With Palin On DVD - £23.99 @ Bee

Travels With Palin On DVD - £23.99 @ Bee

Found 29th Mar 2011
Been waiting for the price to come down and this is an amazing bargain. Its £19.19 with the SILLYBEE code (20% OFF) which is going to expire today but even at £23.99 its a steal. Next closest price is £42.49 at Amazon. Never seen any of his collections go this low before. Its a brilliant show by a brilliant host.

Don't forget 6% Quidco.

Keeps going in and out of stock so keep an eye on it if you want to order. Code has expired.

This collection contains all of Michael Palin’s travel series from Around the World in 80 Days to his return two decades years later in Around the World in 20 years. Travelling by train, boat, camel, balloon, dog sled and many other forms of transport, Michael Palin has visited over a hundred countries and travelled over a hundred thousand miles. From crossing the International Date Line to swimming in the Zambesi or singing with the Pacific Fleet Choir, these series take us to the most fascinating places, introduce us to many incredible people and reveal many of the world’s most magnificent sights – all in the company of the nation’s favourite travel guide.

Featuring all the episodes from:

Great Railway Journeys, Around the World in 80 Days, Around the World in 20 years, Pole to Pole, Full Circle, Hemmingway Adventure, Sahara, Himalaya and New Europe


nice find.

Looks like I bought the last one; showing as out of stock now.

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Or perhaps they caught on to how good a deal it was and removed it like they seem to have done with alot of other items on their site since this code was released yesterday. -.-

Hopefully everyone who ordered will get a copy.
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seems to be back - are you sure you are talking about the same collection as your image ?

OOS again, but managed to order it, thanks OP - ive seen this alot on their website, goes in and out of stock, I guess as they get swamped with orders from sites like HUKD :-)

i am waiting for this set to be released in will be awsome

the link goes to Michael Palin collection 2008...I don't think this is the right boxset?

the RRP is right at 69.99, so even if it isn't this set it must be one similar - maybe without the latest series ??

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It is the right boxset I think. If you look at the description below it says 'Year: 2009'. Thats the Travels With Palin version, the others were released in different years (none of them in 2008 so thats probably a mistake). Plus compare wesbites have this listed as Travels With Palin too so I imagine it is that one. And even if it does turn out to be the 2006 release its still an amazing deal. Cheapest you can get that is £49.

And whose voting this cold? Could we have reasons why?

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Hmm well its gone out of stock twice before and then come back so keep an eye out just incase. I reckon they have no real clue how much stock they have so stop taking orders after a certain amount and if they find they have more they put it back in stock lol.

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good deal, ill keep an eye out

in stock again

ffs oos again! up to their usual tricks again. Avoid them like the plague!

I've been very happy with them

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They dispatched mine yesterday. Hopefully I will get it in a day or two and so will be able to confirm what version it is.

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Lol!!! I just went downstairs and found a package waiting for me on the kitchen table.

I can now confirm that it is the 'Travels With Palin' set. Brand New and everything. Over the moon about this as I was getting a little worried. Hopefully they will get more instock at that price.

thanks for letting us know

Sill out of stock, but keep looking ; )

pity I missed this

Looks like a firm to avoid

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Looks like a firm to avoid

How so?
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