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Return flights London to Bangkok (Via Bahrain) £417 pp Gulf air @ Travel Trolley
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Posted 19th Aug 2019Posted 19th Aug 2019
Return flights London to Bangkok (Via Bahrain) £417 pp Gulf air @ Travel Trolley
31st march to 19th april… Read more
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Note: Leslie Chow will not be in Bangkok. Mr Chow now resides in Las Vegas.


London Heathrow


I got even cheaper 28/3-10/4 £384


Ah found (fierce)


Any chance of posting where from?

19 day South East Asia Holiday April 2020 - £847 @ Travel Trolley
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Posted 19th Aug 2019Posted 19th Aug 2019
19 day South East Asia Holiday April 2020 - £847 @ Travel Trolley
Fly from London to Bangkok with gulf air £417 each… Read more
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Excellent deal....some good places here. Bangkok, Siem Reap and Hoi An are all worth a visit. Although phuket isn't my favourite....I prefer Krabi...Railay beach. The other thing of note is April is pretty much the hottest month in SE Asia ....bloody hot!!!


Great deal but I think your links need shortening maybe? ;)


Wow. Thank you


Looks great - need to check different dates for solo traveller


good deal

Direct return flight to New York form London Heathrow £275.52 @ Travel Trolley
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Posted 3rd May 2019Posted 3rd May 2019
Direct return flight to New York form London Heathrow £275.52 @ Travel Trolley
Direct return flight from London Heathrow to New York. Virgin Atlantic 27th August 2019. 4th September 2019. £275

Book directly with the airline. Travel Trolley are a dodgy online agent with countless complaints against them. Search on tripadvisor for plenty of real life negative experiences posted by their customers. Always book directly with the airlines, even if it means paying a few quid more. It is worth it for the added peace of mind if there are problems.


Nope. Never. ;)


Good advice though. Don't take your thermals! Have you ever been outside of the UK?


Who asked the good news bear? Someone give him some honey.


It'll be stinking hot, very humid and probably a grey/green haze over the whole city. You like that? Good price, good city to visit but August weather is NOT "quite nice"!

Return flight to Bali £297 (May & October-December departures / departing LHR or LGW) @ Travel Trolley (China Eastern Airlines)
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Posted 25th Mar 2019Posted 25th Mar 2019
Return flight to Bali £297 (May & October-December departures / departing LHR or LGW) @ Travel Trolley (China Eastern Airlines)
Good price for a return flight to Bali (Indonesia). Excellent availability in both May and November, with there also being a few departure dates available in late October and early… Read more
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20hr and around £380 Jakarta is usually a good score. Internal flights to Bali are cheap. But Bali isn't that nice, go to one of the islands like Lombok or Gili


Cheap but looks like hell, flights are up to 37 hours (with 12 hrs transfer in Shanghai) and is flying out of Gatwick and returning to Heathrow.


Travel Trolley is part of Southall Travel - stuff on their site is not always available to book. You can book online but then someone in the office will do the actual booking and confirmation so you can potentially lose the offer!


Only one I can see is from 1 month ago and different airline


This has already been posted, and was sent out in the Jacks flight club email this morning

Return flight from London Heathrow to Melbourne £559 (Sydney £575) or Manchester to Brisbane £565 [Various dates] @ Travel Trolley (Ethiad)
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Posted 4th Mar 2019Posted 4th Mar 2019
Return flight from London Heathrow to Melbourne £559 (Sydney £575) or Manchester to Brisbane £565 [Various dates] @ Travel Trolley (Ethiad)
Decent prices for return flights to Australia with one of the best airlines in the world! Various dates available for all routes including March to June & September to Decembe… Read more
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Don't use Skyscanner for anything other than a tool to locate flights and schedules. Make sure you book directly with the airlines, and especially do not book with dodgy online travel agents such as Travel Trolley. Google this company and look at the reviews; go to Tripadvisor and look at the hundreds of issues reported by people who have had the misfortune of using dodgy online travel agents such as this one. If you absolutely have to use an online travel agent, then make sure it's one of the big boys such as Expedia.


I did do the paid for one on a free trial. You do get many more flights on this and they always quote on the free one what you've missed out on. I just have a casual interest, although I have booked flights from Jacks info.


I signed up for paid and is worth it if you travel a lot. I suppose the experts can't post links as it draws income from here Jacks flight club. You get the email sooner with paid, the free membership account I have gets the emails a few hours later than the paid one.


Got an email earlier this morning for these flights on Jacks Flight Club. Worth signing up for their free membership as every now and again there are flights you might want.


Thanks apur :)

Direct return flight to Toronto (departing London Gatwick) £263 (May - July & September departures) @ Travel Trolley (British Airways)
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Posted 21st Feb 2019Posted 21st Feb 2019
Direct return flight to Toronto (departing London Gatwick) £263 (May - July & September departures) @ Travel Trolley (British Airways)
Good price for a direct return flight to Canada, especially as it includes early summer dates (June, July) and is with a decent airline (British Airways). As per usual with these d… Read more
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Buyer beware. Travel Trolley are one of the most complained about online travel agent. Search TripAdvisor for that company name and read literally hundreds of posts from people who have suffered in some way due to the business practices of this dodgy online travel agent. Always book directly with airlines if you value your travel to be as protected as is possible. Dodgy online travel agents like this one do not have live prices so they will likely go up when you try to book, or else you may find your booking cancelled due to 'pricing errors', and God forbid there are any changes to your flight as this company will not want to help you. Again - always book directly with the airlines and always use a credit card. Using a third party travel agent is asking for trouble, and using A KNOWN DODGY travel agent like this one is just madness. Do your own research if you don't believe me. Do not use Travel Trolley.

The link Doesn't work as the fare comes out as £ 328


dont think it will include luggage and Travel Trolley is a bit tricky as they always increase their price. Once I searched a price, just putting in 3 people's details and bank details, no more than 10 mins. But once I hit pay, it said session timeout, reload the page, they put the price up by £50 a head. And it is not the first time they did that so I will try to pick another one. Generally, searching on search engine like skyscanner will cause the price to increase if you search too often as their program will think there is a high demand and a potential traveler need to travel on those dates. My advise is book it sooner with less searches, make up you mind about the dates and book quick if the price looks right. The other travel agency may increase the price if you keep searching but this one is the only one will do it while I am in their page and booking.


You do know they have washing machines outside the UK?


I wouldn’t bother paying for it

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Flights to Johannesburg from £298.24pp @ Travel Trolley/Iberia
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Posted 20th Feb 2019Posted 20th Feb 2019
Flights to Johannesburg from £298.24pp @ Travel Trolley/Iberia
This are great value flights with Iberia. They have a short stop in Madrid. Example dates 7-15 May. These prices include hand luggage only and you can add baggage at cost. You can… Read more
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No thanks even if it was free


Like any airline to be honest. I've booked many times with some of the more obscure OTAs and a lot of these have been error fares or open jaw options, or sometimes just normal flights and when BA, Etihad, Emirates etc directly just weren't anywhere near the price of the OTAs. My flight to Colombia for April was sub £300, when on Swiss it was almost double. Booked through and etickets issued no issues. Just check your booking carefully and don't make errors and remember to have travel insurance from the time you make your booking, a common mistake people make (or have an annual policy).


No thanks! 😣😣😣😣


They are Southall travel....rather go direct with airline.


Just make sure when booking you don't make any errors or this company will sting you for any changes.

London to Orlando £242 each return via Travel Trolley
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Posted 10th Feb 2019Posted 10th Feb 2019
London to Orlando £242 each return via Travel Trolley
Flights based on 2 adults and 1 child sharing. Travelling on 1st January 2020 to 15th January 2020 from London Gatwick. Other days available at similar rates
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At 12 the become youths which is a midway tax level between child and adult. At 16 they become adults. Some websites don't offer the youth fare and just charge the adult fare from 12. Which is their way of scamming money out of customers.


I booked lgw to mco last October for flights in January, last month. Paid £273 per person on virgin including 1 x checked luggage each. at present, I can’t seeem to get a price off anyone but virgin themselves, which will change eventually :) no guarantees that it will get any cheaper, or include luggage later on in the year, but going by the prices quoted it does seem to be a “cheaper” time of the year to fly?




Seems to be £272ish per person if you’ve not got any children or they’re “adults” at 12 (skeptical) (not sure up to what age BA regard children as children?)


We went this year for a similar price with Virgin. Weather varied from warm to pretty cool (too cold for comfortable swimming). The parks aren't too busy, tourists are mainly Spanish speaking South Americans. Personally i wouldn't go again at this time due to the weather, March - May is my favourite time. If you don't like hot weather it's a great time to visit.

BA London - New York Return March 2019 - £249.26pp via Travel Trolley
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Posted 5th Feb 2019Posted 5th Feb 2019
BA London - New York Return March 2019 - £249.26pp via Travel Trolley
Ok so was just browsing for some flights to New York for March Time. One I found was actually 7th March - 14th March - £270 With BA direct from Gatwick or £250 with TravelTrolley (… Read more

Hand luggage to Barbados is 5kg with TUI.


If you don’t want to risk booking with a tinpot travel agent, BA do a price promise. You get the difference back in vouchers (double if you are an executive club member, which only requires you to register). Not as good as cash obvs but better than nothing if you were going to book direct anyway I’ve no idea how compliant BA are with their policy as I’ve never used it myself


Just back and the weather was brilliant just one day of rain out of six. The rest was sunny and not too cold. The rainy day we just took a bus up to outlets.


Might be damn cold in March, good price, wrong time of year though.


pervious :)

Virgin Atlantic London-Vegas (baby!) £266 return.
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Posted 8th Oct 2018Posted 8th Oct 2018
Virgin Atlantic London-Vegas (baby!) £266 return.
Out 23/1 back 27/1, Cheap price to a great city. This fare is hand baggage only but does include meals. Checked bag is £60 extra return.
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This is the second one you have stated refuel that doesn't are you obsessed? It most certainly doesnt refuel in LAX virgin do not fly the 747 to LAX and why would they fly an hour passed vegas to refuel




Seriously have you actually looked to see what the dimensions of the hand luggage are. You'd have to be hopeless not to manage it. Many people fly for a week's business , it's the once a year traveller who can't get their heads around it.


Its no wonder they have to stop at LAX for refuelling (excited) (lol)


I use the VA flight a lot to Vegas from Gatwick..... Defo don't go east! lol , and it don't stop anywhere either! Its direct, with our average flight going out to be around 10hrs 20, and last week the flight coming back, we did in just over 9hrs....... £280 return with handbag on the date listed, or £340 with suitcase.... I've done hand luggage before, but means buying all toiletries in CVS which aint cheap!!! Good find, Heat added... Although, between Nov to Feb, those flight prices sound about right anyway (max £400)

Direct flights UK to Vegas with Virgin £333 @ Travel Trolley
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Posted 17th Sep 2018Posted 17th Sep 2018
Direct flights UK to Vegas with Virgin £333 @ Travel Trolley
Amazing price for direct flights from London Gatwick to Las Vegas Return Perfect flight times in my opinion. I have just booked a little break for the boys! I’ve never seen flight… Read more
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I've just returned from £250 return flights with Virgin through travel trolley. All as expected. Only thing to note is they book 2 people under individual bookings. Assuming that's due to price. Note it doesn't include any baggage. One seat is paid for pre booking and the other is not. Awesome deal


yeah, tell that to Amex, and the 6 month battle after Travel Trolley pulled out faked documentation to prove their case. Nothing is clear cut mate, all i'm saying is, there is always a risk, but less so when you go with someone more reputable. I wont make that mistake again. Personal choice though.


If you pay by credit card there is no risk.


I suppose everywhere is like that until you get stiffed for 2 x £ 460 flights. Just passing on my advice though. As long as you think the risk is worth it then fair do's.


Not just that but March is hectic in Vegas, huge conferences, college basketball, St Patricks Day and Spring Break result in extortionate hotel prices

Direct Flights from LHR - LA for May half term 2019 £245 @ Travel trolley
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Posted 9th Sep 2018Posted 9th Sep 2018
Direct Flights from LHR - LA for May half term 2019 £245 @ Travel trolley
Just found flights for our family with Air New Zealand to Los Angeles for May half term 2019 @ £245.00 per flight thought this was a really good deal.
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No, everything was included. Hold luggage, seats, meals & great entertainment choice! Really really good!


On Air New Zeeland did you pay extra for luggage?


I booked this exact route via travel trolley for May half term this year, no problems at all, have to say Air New Zealand are fab, definitely my preferred airline! No problems with travel trolley, used them twice now, all good (y)


How much extra would it be to travel from Gatwick? Kindest regards


I just booked with Virgin, the price was £20 more. I just added 2 luggage 23kg for £120.(on may half term)

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Posted 24th Apr 2018Posted 24th Apr 2018
flights from Heathrow airport 4* star rated hotel with 8.9 customer review direct flight with british airways Links to flight and hotel: THESE PRICES ARE PER PERSON FLIGHT … Read more
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Sounds like the USA


I’m in Dubai at the moment on holiday and can easily be done on a budget, unless you like eating in 5* hotels, which I don’t at home unless someone else is paying lol Five guys shack shak etc all same price as at home, had fantastic kebabs in the malls.


A country with silly prices and rules? Where a simple mistake can you end you up in prison...yeah no...heat for the deal but cold for country!


I could be wrong but I believe all bars are closed during Ramadan. When I went a few years ago, no alcohol allowed anywhere during the day, not even in hotels!


I wasn't tarring anyone

Muscat (Oman) from Manchester jun/sept 2017 direct return £295.52 by Oman Air (error price?) @ travel trolley
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Posted 21st Jan 2017Posted 21st Jan 2017
Muscat (Oman) from Manchester jun/sept 2017 direct return £295.52 by Oman Air (error price?) @ travel trolley
sept. 2017 [image missing] jun 2017 [image missing]

Here you go: £274 same date and with Turkish Airlines


Expat in Oman here. Safe as batmans hideout here. Not the ones that got broken into either. Although I am in the middle of the desert...


​Probably on Call of Duty on his/her xbox360 :p


I love shortsighted people, unable to see past the end of their nose, Oman along with the majority of the Middle East is as safe as if not safer than the UK, there are exceptions, Iraq, Iran etc, but Qatar, KSA, UAE, Oman


I'm not sure where the airport is in Oman but it's border with United Arab Emirates. You could visit the emirate Ras Al Khamiah it's a beautiful place they also do excursion like in Oman fjords and I hear the sea life is perfect for snorkeling

Return flights gulf air to India Chennai Hyderabad during Easter holidays £320 traveltrolley
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Posted 6th Jan 2017Posted 6th Jan 2017
Return flights gulf air to India Chennai Hyderabad during Easter holidays £320 traveltrolley
Travel dates 7/4 return 23/4 to Chennai 320£ Hyderabad 347£ With checkin luggage 40kg, meals included flying out from london heathrow

also LHR to Beijing return from £389


That would feed enough trolls


"40kg meals included" that's a lot to eat on board !!


​Which is it? They sent let you change or that they charge you a large amount (as do most airlines when you buy the budget tickets)?


I used travel trolls for hong kong flight 3 ppl few months ago had no problems

Edinburgh to Bangkok Return 31/10 to 13/11 for only £280 with Qatar
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Posted 21st May 2016Posted 21st May 2016
Edinburgh to Bangkok Return 31/10 to 13/11 for only £280 with Qatar
Only £280 return to Bangkok for 2 weeks in thailand, Check Skyscanner as there are lots of dates at this price!
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Stay a couple of nights in Bangkok....then head up north to beautiful Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.


Thank you. That's very helpful.


If you want a bit of advise, I would only stay a day or 2 in Bangkok then travel on to the north or down to the island in the south , Then come back to for a few days in Bangkok before flying home. If you look for Hotels in the Sukhumvit area near the sky trains then it will make it a lot easier for you to get around.


Wow. Booked it. Can't quite believe it, hadn't even thought of going to Bangkok but for that price. When is the best time to book a hotel for these dates?


Brilliant find, booked my three weeks holiday, THANKS!

Edinburgh to Hong Kong with Qatar Airlines - 07/10-14/10 -  £334
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Posted 19th May 2016Posted 19th May 2016
Edinburgh to Hong Kong with Qatar Airlines - 07/10-14/10 - £334
A good deal from Edinburgh with a five star airline, though there is a 15 hour overnight stopover in Doha on the way and 7.5 hours on the way back.

Fortunately it's overnight so we can get a good night's rest in the transit hotel


​I think Qatar are living on a past reputation for service anyway. I have taken 4 long haul flights recently as one booking and each flight we encountered different levels of service from poor to adequate, some staff looked like they couldn't be bothered to serve you and even flicked the wine bottle top off and just stared at me.... Very wired indeed. Also some flights they gave out menus and others they didn't and one of those times there was only one choice on board so what's the point in handing a menu out. Anyway they have modern planes (just don't fly on airbus a330 or 787 dreamliner definitely no dreaming to be done on these as no leg space and long recline of seat in front. And tickets are generally pretty cheap with good ife so most won't care just don't expect emeriates or Singapore levels of service.


I wouldn't book with them ever again. I booked with their cheap fare to NZ - they have cancelled the flight and will only book me on flights for the same dates if i pay the difference (over £2000). So I'll have to book a flight with another airline to make the wedding. There are a total nightmare to deal with when things go wrong.


15 hours and for that reason I am out.


I've done the long stopover in Doha - it's hell. 3am, the business lounge is deserted... nobody for company but fluffy camels in the gift shop window and the occasional migrant labourer waxing the floors. Personally, I've learned that acceptable flight times and minimal transfer times are worth every penny... but I guess this will work for someone. If possible, I'd break it up with a couple of nights in town. The gulf transfers are enough to ruin the rest of your holiday.

Edinburgh-Kuala Lumpur - £300 @ Travel Trolley
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Posted 26th Mar 2016Posted 26th Mar 2016
Edinburgh-Kuala Lumpur - £300 @ Travel Trolley
Flights to ☼ Kuala Lumpur ☼ With Qatar Airways 5✪✪✪✪✪ ► May ex. may 3-19 may 10-21 Also via Topcashback Traveltrolley pays 12 cashback..and brings price down to 288 or your… Read more
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I'm going there in 8 weeks. What did you do, what would you recommend, please?


[quote=ricardasgudkovas]just came back from tioman...its my new number 1 island...amazing just[/quote. Bagus place on Tioman island is just perfect peace...


just came back from tioman...its my new number 1 island...amazing just


​Bloody hell...seems like Europe in 1939-45. Thanks for the information. We are flying via Doha in a few weeks, only a quick stop over in the airport but still your post will probably stop me from being arrested.


I think nationwide doing 5% cash back as well.

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Posted 19th Oct 2015Posted 19th Oct 2015
A very cheap price for business class. There may be other dates available too.
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I can't believe it got a negative votes. It was over £1600 on BA and it got picked up by Secret Flying.


Not just business class, but a trip to Japan. Heat.

Edi-JFK New York direct flights rtn, April 2016 @ travel trolley - £320.25 (£7 quidco poss)
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Posted 3rd Sep 2015Posted 3rd Sep 2015
Edi-JFK New York direct flights rtn, April 2016 @ travel trolley - £320.25 (£7 quidco poss)
I found this via SkyScanner and managed to get two tickets for £313.35 ea return but still good price at £320.25 ea. Also possible £7 going to travel trolley via Quidco instead whi… Read more