Treasure Seekers Shoes - £19.99 @

Treasure Seekers Shoes - £19.99 @

Found 16th Apr 2011
Could be free if you find treasure.

Lol im gunna be rich!!!!!! these could help you find saxon gold... deal of a lifetime

The humble practice of metal detection is one traditionally associated with weird old men who tramp around the beach, but that image is set to be cast aside thanks to these Treasure Seekers. Essentially a metal detector that doesn't make you look like a complete nerd, these crafty sandals will make hunting for metal items amongst the shingle a much more agreeable prospect.

These Treasure Seekers have the appearance of regular beach or summer wear, but have a nifty pack that straps to your leg and beeps every time your feet pass over a priceless Roman coin. There are three LEDs on the unit - green for normal (nothing detected), yellow for the slightest hint of something that might be worth digging for, and red for full-on 'pass me that spade, I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams' mode. Alternatively, if the squall of the beeping alarm is too much for you, you can always set it to vibrate instead. In truth, being discreet may well buy you precious seconds while you unearth your next treasure. When you've detected all you want to detect, you can simply unplug the detector pack and use them as normal sandals.

Made of chunky black plastic, these foot-bound money-makers are durable and comfortable as well as a potential ticket to a goldmine. The actual control box stays on your calf thanks to an elasticated band, and the box itself is no more obtrusive than, say, a walkie talkie (though you'd be mad to strap a walkie talkie to your leg unless you were a contortionist). Anyway, the point is that the Treasure Seekers are a great deal easier to use than the traditional metal detectors and, if you want them to be, they'll be very discreet. Now you can combine your country walks and strolls in the surf with discovering treasure!
•Metal-detecting sandals.
•More user-friendly than traditional metal detectors.
•Find buried treasure just by walking about.
•Detector pack straps to ankle via elasticated band.
•Pack will vibrate or beep when metal is detected underfoot.
•Requires 1 x 9V battery (not included).
•Suitable for ages 12 years +.

•Available in Small (Men's up to 7, Women's up to 8), Medium (Men's 7.5-9, Women's 8.5-10) or Large (Men's 9.5-12, Women's 10.5-13).


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cold how can you vote cold??? getting rich just walking around.. u gotta b mad

Does only one foot detect?

1st posted: 1st April?

do they sell magic beans too?

You'll get fit with all the walking around and digging even if you don't get rich, cheaper than a gym
Good luck in your seeking

What a load of tat!

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damn. and i thought this deal would get me a 1000 degre hot deal.. who wud of thought ?????
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Makes you look like you are breaking your house arrest
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