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Giro Chrono Pro Short Sleeve Jersey - £69.99 delivered @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
ALL-OUT ROAD PERFORMANCE The Men’s Chrono Pro Jersey is race-ready, Italian-made style and performance for your fastest day on the bike. The fit, fabrication and feature set all a… Read more
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It's only £3 off and there's just as good for a lot less.


Probably a good deal but seems pricey. I am not a fast road cyclist but woud prefer to spend far more on the bottoms than tops.I have some tops from Aldi that seem fine.


may find better deal directly

Cube Cross Race 2020 Cyclocross Road Bike 105 groupset, disc brakes, Schwalbe tyres £999 @ Tredz
606° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Also available from Leisure Lakes for same price. Tredz have 6.6% TCB Not sure if any codes knocking about Mostly has current R7000 series of 105 groupset. Crankset is older gen … Read more

My point is a huge number of so called German made products are simply re-packaged far east products. Many markets perceive German products as higher quality so that reputation is exploited commercially. When a bicycle frame has lower weight limits and a shorter warranty that would be indicative of a product that does not match the standards of a competitor's product with a longer warranty and higher weight limits. However Cube aren't alone in this situation typically many European and US brands simply import from the far east with or without local assembly, they constantly change factories to get the best prices and maintain their margin. The point is when you are basically dealing with an importer with inconsistent quality factor that into your buying decision. If you buy a Giant bike it will have high engineering standards and made in Giant's own factories. If you buy from an importer quality is unknown. As someone else pointed out some Cube frames have been appalling quality in the past, that could be a different factory to today or could be the same, how can we know. Quality is pretty much determined by the factory not the stickers on the frame.


That’s a pretty generic article about ‘made in Germany’, and has no specific relevance to Cube or indeed bike manufacture at all. Whereas, the examples I provide, specifically provide evidence of German assembly. Not reboxing, not trying to state ‘made in Germany’, but German assembly. Clearly some parts are made in Bangladesh and the Far East, but also quite specifically, the bikes are assembled in Bavaria. Not sure where you are going with this when the evidence is so clear and upfront. If you have problems with manufacturing of parts in low cost labour economies, fair enough, but you have no evidence to support your statements about ‘low quality’, ‘basic materials’, ‘poor quality control’ other than a personal view that this is how it is in relation to Cube bikes. We all have opinions and views on products, but please don’t try and pass this off as fact.


Not sure why I wrote Pakistan but I tend to write my comments very quickly. You have to understand a huge amount of German industry is what they call the last significant process where a product can come in and be simply re-boxed and get a made in Germany stamp. So as you can see from the article above. Cube can buy a complete bike manufactured in Bangladesh, rebox it and then sell it as made in Germany. The important thing is which factory is used to manufacture the bike, not which warehouse it is distributed from. That's not to say Cube don't properly assemble some bikes in Germany though.


Again - it’s Bangladesh not Pakistan. Splitting hairs you might think, and on the assembly of the bikes, the below states predominantly German assembly; The bike radar article below actually specifically states; ‘Every Cube bar some of the childrens bikes are assembled at the factory in Germany’


I guess my point is the frame will be nothing special in manufacturing quality. Pakistan is generally regarded as the lowest of the major exporters of bikes and bike frames at the current time. Doesn't necessarily mean the bike is bad overall but as long as you factor that into the price you are paying. No point paying top money for a bicycle tthat is made in a low end factory using more basic materials. The majority of Cube bikes are wholly manufactured in the far east and not assembled in Bavaria, even some high end models nowadays. As you can see from that news report that is years old. However with any brand that is basically an importer knowing which factory was used for which specific model is very difficult, it may change frequently or the same model maybe made at multiple factories. Very difficult to assess quality when the factory may change year by year. Same is true of many importers, I have a Carrera Subway made in Vietnam but nowadays they are made in Cambodia and years before they have been made in Taiwan by Merida and possibly mainland China factories. Halords seem to be using Insera Sena in Indonesia for many of their bikes at the moment, Carrera, Boardman and Voodoo. I just feel when you are dealing with an importer always looking to find the cheapest factory you should factor that into the price you are paying. Giant are an actual manufacturer, they make their own frames and many components themselves and their factories are state of the art for mass produced bicycles.

Madison G300 Mens Suspension Gel Saddle £29.99 @ Tredz
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
A wide and soft saddle for men Built in elastomer suspension reduces vibration transmitted through the rails for the ultimate smooth ride. Fluid Gel padding absorbs shock and eve… Read more

This, absolutely. It's vitally important that you get a saddle that actually fits *you* and big, wide, squishy saddles like this very rarely do. As an example, I bought this saddle to replace one that had started to get a bit rattly. Unfortunately, I mis-read the size from the old one and, despite appearing pretty racy from the pictures, the one in the link is way too *wide* for me. I persevered with it for two weeks, by the end of which I could barely sit down and even a relatively short ride would leave me in agony. I've since swapped to a much narrower version and it's like sitting on air! (tl;dr: Big, fat saddles are normally horrible. If you intend to spend any time at all in the saddle, get one that fits!)


Purchased !




I've found it to be true that it depends how big your a#$e is, having a rabbit ar%e as my missus calls it I need a gel seat :)


My small hard saddle gives me a sore barse

Bioflex OnGEL Ozone Saddle £16.99 +£2.95 delivery @ Tredz
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Mens specific saddles featuring super-soft Bioflex OnGel. OnGel moulds to your shape to ease painful pressure points. Dampens road shocks and vibrations for supreme fluid comfort. … Read more

Springs are generally a bad idea - bouncing up and down just absorbs energy that would be better used making the bike go forwards. Wide, padded saddles may be suitable if you have an upright roadster type bike, they're a bad idea on road bikes with drop bars. The most important thing is to get a saddle the right width for you. Measure your sit bones (there are instructions on the website). If you have narrow sit bones a wide saddle is going to be very uncomfortable. A saddle the right shape and size won't need much padding (you'd be better with none at all if you wear padded shorts).


Out of stock now... :( take a look at this one.


Doesn't have springs but has way more padding!


It does. Padding may help but I think one with springs beneath is better. Take a look at this one with a review saying someone had used it quite extensively and felt very comfortable!


Code is for when you spend £30+ then you get £5 off with a possible 4% Quidco Cash-Back. But when using the code, you may get less cash-back through Quidco or you may lose it completely (if the code is not listed or allowed on Quidco). *Update* this seat seems to be out of stock now. I had one in my basket but just informed out of stock :( sad...

Tenn Protect 2.0 Reflective cycling Gloves S-XXL £4.99 plus £2.95 postage @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Winter gloves £5 a pair, but on eBay link first post from tredz for £5.49 £5 off £30 spend available - 5RNSL1PY and free postage on £20 spend
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good find whatya


Description taken from an old amazon page High performance winter gloves. Ideal for fast winter rides, training and club runs. As the name implies, the Protect delivers full protection against deep winter conditions, in a glove designed for hard and fast riding. The Hytex fabric is 100% waterproof and windproof while providing the flexibility and breathability needed for high performance. Silicone grip zones on the palm and fingers ensure a good grip on the handlebars and confident control of brakes and gears. High density padding on the palm protects both the Ulna and Radial nerves while the toweling thumb keeps the face free from sweat and grime. The extra-wide neoprene wrist straps complete with gusseted opening and velcro adjusters, offer extra protection from the elements and a close fit - while making it easy to get the gloves off at the end of the ride. The Smart Touch version of this glove comes with coated thumb and index finger tip which will not damage or scratch the screen, allowing you to use your mobile device whilst keeping you hands warm! Features: Hytex fabric - full protection against wind, rain and snow. Highly breathable and flexible - no loss of performance. High density palm padding- great handling feedback while protecting ulnar nerve. Silicone grip zones on fingers and palm - for total control in the worst conditions. Extended neoprene cuff with gusseted velcro fastening - for comfort, protection against the elements and easy removal. Reflective detailing - for safety at night and low light conditions.


no description of what they are made of


Ebay shop closed for a holiday

OnGuard Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock (Gold Sold Secure) + Additional Cable £23.99 @ Tredz
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Decent offer on this bike lock :) The OnGuard Pitbull U-lock bike lock is accredited with insurance friendly Gold Sold Secure. This is the highest protection rating that a bike … Read more
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Cheers :)


Back in stock - you might want to unexpire mate @reindeer333


Just FYI, I did the same for my motorbike with a squire chain. It seized up! Must have taken 6 months left out in all weathers. Luckily it was detached from the bike when it did. It's still probably where I left it....


These bike thieves need a good kicking when caught Think I'll change my picture to Atilla the Hun


No, I suppose not, just mildly amusing to some possibly, but it depends on your sense of -or lack of - humour..

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Tenn Vision Womens Cycling Jacket sizes 8 to 16 - £7.94 delivered plus 4% TCB @ Tredz Cycles
297° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Product Information Made of waterproof and breathable fabric. All stitches are glued. Additional panel on the back which elongates the jacket's back. Key Features: Waterproof Br… Read more
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Items arrived this morning, very pleased! Excellent quality & value, thank you for posting! (y)


Thank you, also ordered the Tenn womens t-shirt bargain at £5! (y)


Perfect thank you


Your £5 Voucher - 5RNSL1PY


£5 off for signing up to the news letter for me.

Castelli Perfetto Light 2 Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey £59.99 @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Only £59.99 for this excellent Castelli jersey. Now only small left in the following colours (as at 25/04 7:40) Sky Blue - S Forest Grey - S I was fortunate to have a single use… Read more

Expensive for child sizing


I've gone for it. If it doesn't fit I'll just have to bite the bullet and pay the £2.50 return. I'm a 36" chest so hoping it will fit from what other people have said.


It isn't the weight that the issue it's around the shoulders and chest I find medium tight in these but it might fit you fine


I'd be very surprised if it wasn't. Mine isn't mega tight at all.


Ordered a small - I'm 56kg and about 5"7 so hoping it will be fine.

Specialized Align Road Cycling Helmet (One Size System) - Matte Black - £25 with Newsletter Sign up - Delivered @ Tredz
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Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Safety first people! These come in a nice gloss white (Size S/M) *Now Sold Out* or a classy Matte Black (Size M/L). They are a one-size system so I think most would fit into eith… Read more

Fashion always last when it comes to safety of course! I do hope if someone has a black helmet they have lights/other reflective clothing though :)


If you cycle on busy roads don't get this. Get something really bright. Fluorescent yellow or something like that. The main purpose of cycling gear should be to be seen. Fashion comes last. Nice looking helmet though





I'm not too sure but, heres some FAQS regarding MIPS on their website: see here

Merida Big Nine 300 29" Mountain Bike 2019 - Hardtail MTB £500 at Tredz Online Bike Shop
361° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Posted yesterday but expired (tried to mark as unexpired but not working and didn’t want anyone to miss out) Sizes available 17“ (Medium) & 18.5” (Large) Awesome bike for the… Read more

I like the colour. Thankfully I'm too tall. If that bike we're in my size and was a 29er I'd have wished I'd gone for it. Doesn't come with pedals though? Is that normal? I actually got Tredz to send me some free upgraded pedals with my order (y)


If you can hack the colour and aren’t too tall, yes 8)


IMHO this bike feels really light


That looks like a brilliant deal! Smaller wheels and only available in small frame but I would post that as a seperate deal if I were you!


Thanks for that info! Much appreciated. I have ordered now and will see how I get on with the suspension and look at replacing if it feels heavy. I'll need to research susoension forks now! :D

Merida Big Nine 300 29" Hard Tail MTB at Tredz for £500
406° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Last years model, with pretty decent components for the price. Was £775 Now £500. Also sign up to newsletter for £5 off!!
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17 & 18.5 now in stock!!


Got a £1k budget for a hybrid. Need a shimano 11 speed cassette so I can use with wahoo kickr as well


Agree never seen the bossnut at that price and comparing a full suspension to a hard tail is very strange indeed


i just looked on here and the (full suspension?) bossnut has been £880 cheapest and this merida is £500. I don't follow the logic, apologies.


It’s all to do with budgets. If this is your max then fine. Otherwise a Calibre bossnut for an extra £100 is 100000x more bang for buck. They can sometimes hit £630ish with discount!

XLC Hollow Axle Bike Stand £13.99 Plus £2.95 delivered @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
XLC Hollow Axle Bike Stand £13.99 Plus £2.95 delivered @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
Spend £20 for free delivery or spend £30 to get a £5 off and free delivery. if you want the item standalone, tredz now sell on ebay so its £15.50 I've been after one of these stan… Read more

Have a look at the picture rodman added it’s the hole that goes through the crank arm into the bottom bracket to allow the spindle of the stand to slide in, not all crankarms have a hole like this The 20mm (2cm) is the hole width I’ve not had chance to test it on my bike with a sram crankset although I’m sure the hole is the same size


Hiya, got a couple of bikes with Hollowtech 2 bottom brackets. Will this fit them? Not sure what the 20mm dimension refers to in the description...

OnGuard (Gold Sold Secure) Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock + Additional Cable £23.99 / Brute Lock Shackle U-Lock £24.63 @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
428° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
OnGuard (Gold Sold Secure) Pitbull DT Shackle U-Lock + Additional Cable £23.99 / Brute Lock Shackle U-Lock £24.63 @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
Choice of two bike locks.... Thanks to @reindeer333 and @matwalaboy for posting this deal last year (highfive) Gold Sold Secure Rating The OnGuard Pitbull U-lock bike lock… Read more

Thx. Great deal. Plus Top Cashback bonus (y) 😁😁


Solid choice for a solid lock


Hmm... three people with the same issue suggests it's a common problem. Perhaps that's why it's cheap. Good price but I'm sticking with my Abus.


You can break off many modern stands with brute force, I saw a group of 5 kids doing it many years ago, but unfortunately didn't realise what they were up to until I next passed the stands some days later, and noticed the hoop that had a bike locked to it that they were surrounding was missing! It seems to be a common theme with novel lock demonstrations, always the wrong, unsuitable, or incorrectly adjusted tools, or incorrectly used. Like cable cutters designed only for use on copper on steel cables, and bolt cutters with the jaws miss-adjusted. But in his case, he should have never have been allowed to progress away from using child safety scissors. I would attempt to cut out the lock barrel first, but if that didn't work, then I'd fancy my chances with a hacksaw to cut away the aluminium shell, or cutting along the weld line between the two halves of the aluminium shell with the grinder and splitting it to expose the steel u-shackle. Or make an oversized safety guard and use a larger disc to finish the cut, if the grinder is man enough.


Hes cutting the wrong thing. Should be cutting the weak point, the steel hoop.

Shimano Unzen Trail MTB Hydration Backpack (incl, 2L hydrapak bladder) Blue or Black - £24.99 Delivered @ Tredz
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Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Shimano Unzen Trail MTB Hydration Backpack (incl, 2L hydrapak bladder) Blue or Black - £24.99 Delivered @ Tredz
Perfect for summer mountain biking where you just need water and a Few tools
Get deal*Get deal*

Shame they only seem to have the blue colour left, though still a good deal.


immediately thought that was a bullet proof vest


copped! have some heat+


A few tools....Hmmm.....

Fox Rawtec (Primeknit) MTB Shorts £55 Delivered @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
-89° Expired
Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Fox Rawtec (Primeknit) MTB Shorts £55 Delivered @ Tredz Online Bike Shop
a little expensive for MTB shorts but these are real premium quality, and £85-91 everywhere else. [RRP £130] likely to go cold as many on here love sportsdirect cheap (ie low qua… Read more

muddy fox that is a British off road bike Brand from the 80s/90s, that Fat Mike bought for the brand name to sell mass produced mucky fox gear that falls to bits after one wash.. Fox Clothing / Fox Racing is the premium MotoX / Mountain Bike brand..


I’m sure I’ve seen these in sports direct.. that fox gets about


Sheep who spend most of the time watching telly and scrolling through social media posts and not spending time outdoors...


It seems the sheep are voting down (popcorn)


Hot! Ta.

Smith Optics Venture MTB Helmet £35 + extra £5 off + free delivery Tredz Online Bike Shop
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Smith Optics Venture MTB Helmet £35 + extra £5 off + free delivery Tredz Online Bike Shop
Really good quality mountain bike helmet. I've just bought one and I am very pleased with it. Very light, comfortble and well made. My head measures 59cm and the 'L' fits perfectly… Read more
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£5 off £30 code YHG8EFD9


"Matte Gravy"?? (shock) doesn't it get a bit sticky?


It should be on your invoice/ email the last one I had expired over the weekend


It just popped up on a popup window. I cut and pasted it, but didn't make a note of it. Try visiting site from a different computer, or subscribe to their email.


What code? I need a £5 off £30 spend (y)

Exposure TraceR USB Rechargeable Rear Light With DayBright £26.96 @ Tredz
188° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2019Posted 31st Dec 2019
Exposure TraceR USB Rechargeable Rear Light With DayBright £26.96 @ Tredz
likely to go cold, but mine have been consistently working come rain or mud for the past few winters.. they just keep on going.. use code HGW6BKN9 for £5 off listed price. The … Read more

Thanks, I will keep them in mind if I ever need any more, (and I see that you get a 30% discount with Cycling Ireland membership, which I have) but for now I am very happy with the Exposure lights that I have.


They offered me a half price replacement. It seemed like throwing good money after bad as it seems likely the next one will fall off too. Currently using a Cycliq Fly 6v which is great but could do with a longer battery life. Hence looking at this as a 2nd light.


Yup, same has just happened to me with one of the Icons. (annoyed) Although it was on my rucksack and I wasn't riding at the time. My other one I've added additional elastic as I don't trust the clip now. Shame as the actual light is very good. The very first light they did which I have is much better in my opinion. But no longer sold. Shame See Sense didn't offer you a discount on a replacement or something.


Mixed feelings about See.Sense I bought the Icon 2. It fell off. See.Sense basically told me their lights don't fall off and showed me all the links to their website and Youtube demonstrating how their lights don't fall off. No other light manufacturer seems to have made Youtube videos demonstrating how their lights don't all off which suggests there's a problem. Anyway. It was a very expensive light that I no longer have (it didn't even send a crash alert to tell me it'd fallen off).


If you live in Northern Ireland I highly recommend the lights from this Northern Ireland company : See Sense lights Not the cheapest but I've several of them and they are really good.

Giant Control Tank tubeless tyres Pump £32.99 at Tredz Online Bike Shop
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Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019
Giant Control Tank tubeless tyres Pump £32.99 at Tredz Online Bike Shop
Decent price for one of the better tubeless tyres pumps. Albeit it's not really a pump, its a air tank that you pressurise with your own pump. Rated highly by MBR https://www.mbr.… Read more
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Smith optics Rebound enduro cycling sunglasses polarised £35 @ tredz (3 choices)
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Posted 29th Dec 2019Posted 29th Dec 2019
Smith optics Rebound enduro cycling sunglasses polarised £35 @ tredz (3 choices)
169 USA dollars on the smith optics site Smith optics sunnies in 3 frame and lense choices Frame / lense Tortoise shell / Brown polarised Grey / bronze mirrored polarised Black /… Read more

I doubt it's because of the glasses. (flirt)


(lol) I ordered the tortoise ones and really like them


Mine are going back....I look like something out of a freak show (with them on ;) )


I know, they got delivered yesterday.


Not bothered about RRP, I think they're worth £35 delivered to your door.